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Apologies (TopYell+ 2014 H!P Great Dictionary)

In TopYell+ H!P edition (March 2014), there's the Hello! Pro great dictionary - basically your run of the mill questionnaire.
Although it's set out by person, I'm arranging it by question instead. Links to the other questions I've translated in this series are at the end.

Q4. Taking the opportunity to do so now, which Hello! Pro member you would like to apologise to?

Q4. Taking the opportunity to do so now, which Hello! Pro member you would like to apologise to?

Michishige Sayumi
Fuku-chan (Fukumura Mizuki)
During the shooting we had for au-san, I got paired with Fuku-chan, and we had to jump in pairs to form the numeral '0' with our bodies. But since I don't have any jumping strength, we had to retake it countless times, which meant that I was making Fuku-chan jump countless times too...

Fukumura Mizuki
Tsugunaga Momoko-san
Tsugunaga-san knows that I like her, and there have been times when she's tried talking to me. However, I would keep on getting so nervous that our conversations would end almost immediately... Sorry if I bored you (cries). But recently I've finally learnt to relax and can hold conversations with her. Thank you!

Ikuta Erina
Michishige Sayumi-san
Sorry for frequently saying impolite things.
I'll zip up my mouth!!!

Sayashi Riho
Kudo Haruka-chan
She lent me some socks, but it's been over a year and I haven't returned them, and at this point, I can't even remember which socks are the ones she lent me.. Sorry..

Suzuki Kanon
Iikubo Haruna-chan
I haven't returned her manga for roughly 1, 2 years! Sorry! I'll give them back once I'm done reading them...!

Iikubo Haruna
All of Berryz Kobo.
I apologise for thinking that you were scary when I first joined!!
You're really kind, now I'm not scared at all!!

Ishida Ayumi
Katsuta Rina-san
She's told me before that it's all right to use casual language with her, and I can speak to her like that for a short while. But if some time passes, I lapse back into polite language. I'm kinda sorry (laughs).

Sato Masaki
Almost everyone.
Sorry for being such a bother. That's it.

Kudo Haruka
Sato Masaki-chan
Sorry for looking down on you up until now (laughs). You're unexpectedly a clever girl (laughs).

Oda Sakura
Sayashi Riho-san
On the topic of Sayashi-san's stylish fashion, I simply asked  'There's people who even wear it that way?'... My sense of style still has a long way to go...

Q4. Taking the opportunity to do so now, which Hello! Pro member you would like to apologise to?

Shimizu Saki
All of the juniors
I'm shy,
So I don't talk to you

Tsugunaga Momoko
Despite asking Michishige-san about her weight, up to the decimal point, I haven't told her mine at all... Yurushite-nyan.

Tokunaga Chinami
Without me knowing, our discussion on LINE got erased, and I haven't been able to contact her!

Sudo Maasa
Takeuchi Akari-chan
Even though I had invited her to watch 'Lupin the 3rd VS Detective Conan'
I went by myself (laughs)

Natsuyaki Miyabi
Everyone from Berryz Kobo,
Sorry for always thoughtlessly putting sweets into your bags.
It's a surprise!

Kumai Yurina
Tokunaga Chinami
She's probably forgotten about this, but sorry for not lending you the DVD that you wanted to borrow (laughs)

Sugaya Risako
There's nothing I want to apologise about! When I think I've done something wrong, I immediately apologise.

Q4. Taking the opportunity to do so now, which Hello! Pro member you would like to apologise to?

Yajima Maimi
'Airi~, sorry for borrowing your umbrella again'
On a day when it was raining heavily, I left my umbrella on the train...
And then Airi lent me her umbrella, saying that she wasn't going to walk outside that day!
And I still haven't returned her umbrella.
What's more, it seems that in the end, Airi had a change of plans on that day, and apparently she went back in the rain, drenched.

Nakajima Saki
Michishige Sayumi-san
At a Hello! Con, there were occasionally times when the timing of your 'Good Morning' greetings clashed with times when I had to run.
I'm sorry.

Suzuki Airi
Miyazaki Yuka-chan
Until just recently, I thought you were older than me (T_T)
And so, I needlessly used polite language, and that might have made you feel uneasy!! Sorry!!

Okai Chisato
Nakajima Saki
Nacky's trousers were at my home, and they just happened to get thrown away (laughs)

Hagiwara Mai
Oda-chan, sorry for not telling you how to shape up your waist. Since we haven't seen each other at alllll.

Q4. Taking the opportunity to do so now, which Hello! Pro member you would like to apologise to?

Wada Ayaka
The members of S/mileage
At the full dress rehearsal for our autumn tour, I messed up the song order, and I just ended the rehearsal of my own accord with a 'Thank you for today' even though it still hadn't ended.

Fukuda Kanon
Sudo Maasa-san
Once, I entered the dressing room whilst Sudo-san was in the middle of changing, and mistook her for a guy. I screamed and hid myself. I'm sorry.

Nakanishi Kana
Tamura Meimi-chan
Sorry for making passes at you, MeiMei. Since I love you, I make passes at you without thinking.

Takeuchi Akari
Katsuta Rina-san
When we went together to the Harry Potter exhibition, at the Sorting Hat, you could raise your hand to be chosen for sorting. Even though Rinapuu was really enthusiastic, I was just so eager that I quickly raised my hands, going 'Me!! Me!', and I was nominated... While Rinapuu didn't get sorted...... Although I was really happy, having reflected on it, I was lacking in maturity. Sorry Rinapuu.

Katsuta Rina
No one!

Tamura Meimi
Nakanishi Kana-san
Sorry for putting peanut bread in your bag (laughs). It's not teasing, it's just that our relationship's become close enough for me to do something like that (laughs)!

Q4. Taking the opportunity to do so now, which Hello! Pro member you would like to apologise to?

Miyazaki Yuka
Shimizu Saki-san
Normally I don't get numbers wrong when calling people, but for some reason I've mistakenly called Shimizu-san twice.

Kanazawa Tomoko
Miyamoto Karin-chan
Sorry for hardly ever giving you forehead flicks (lol). 
When I last gave her a forehead flick, instead of disliking it, she enjoyed it. Since then, she's been asking me 'Please give me a forehead flick!' But it's not really something that would be given upon request, so I have no idea what I should do.

Takagi Sayuki
'I kind of said that you were scary, sorry!!!'

Miyamoto Karin
Uemura Akari-chan
During the shooting for the music video for out 1st indies single 'Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne', Uemuu's earrings went into my bag!!
I truly apologise.

Uemura Akari
That would be Miyamoto Karin-chan.
I've been borrowing her books countless times but I haven't apologised at all.

My thoughts and observations:
  • KanaTomo's such a dom, she punishes Karin until Karin likes it, then refuses to give Karin the pleasure of enjoying the pain when Karin starts to beg for it. What an S. Either that, or Karin was pulling some reverse psychology mumbo-jumbo and it worked.
  • No apologies given: Risako, Bakuwara
  • Apologies en masse: Harunan, Maachan, Captain, Miya, Ayacho
  • Borrowed, unreturned: Riho, Zukki, Yurina, Maimi, Chisato, Akari
  • Scary Berryz: Harunan, Sayuki

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  1. This seems like an excuse for Momochi to say her catchphrase lol. And Maa-chan's answer is sad but unsurprising... though interestingly she says "almost everyone", so maybe there's some people she's not sorry for bothering them haha