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Get closer to (H!P Maruwakari Summer 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, mainly asking about other members.

This one, which came out for the 2015 Summer Hello! Cons, would be the first without Berryz Kobo, and the first with Kobushi and Tsubaki Factories. As new entries into H!P, the members of the two Factories also got a 'New Face Maruwakari Special', which has additional questions for the girls.

Q4. I want to get closer to this member from now on

Yajima MaimiOzeki Mai-chan. I haven't really talked with her much yet, but I think that her liveliness and vivaciousness is cute!! Her sportiness also makes me feel close to her.

Nakajima SakiNonaka Miki-chan. She's such a strange kid. I'd like to ask her about stories from when she was living overseas.

Suzuki AiriI don't really know about the kouhai in detail. .. But since I heard that Nonaka Miki-chan is a health freak, I feel like we'd get along (laughs).

Okai Chisato: The girls who are around my age! Recently, everyone's so young (laughs). And so, I'd like to get closer to the girls who I'm close in age to. Let's have a conversation----♥

Hagiwara MaiMorito Chisaki-chan. She's cute! I want to talk more with her. Inoue Rei-chan. I haven't really talked with her, but I'd like to.

Q4. I want to get closer to this member from now on

Fukumura MizukiYamaki Risa-chan. I have a hunch that we'd get along!! I'd like to talk with her a lot more.

Ikuta ErinaMurota Mizuki-chan. We have similarities, like in the things that we enjoy. That's why I'd like to get closer to her.

Sayashi Riho: Wada Ayaka-san. Despite the 2 of us having performed as Peaberry, I feel like we didn't really establish a solid relationship...... I'd like to know more about Wada-san.

Suzuki KanonNiinuma Kisora-chan. As lots of Kenshuusei from Aichi prefecture have joined H!P, I'd like to chat with Kisora-chan .

Iikubo HarunaKishimoto Yumeno-chan. Ever since she was a Kenshuusei, she would introduce herself by making impersonations. Plus, whenever I see her, she's such a nice, cute girl~.

Ishida AyumiTsugunaga Momoko-san. While I can't say that I know Tsugunaga-san at all in my position, I always think that I'd like to talk with her~.

Sato MasakiIshida, Kudo, Harunan. Though we're already friends...... (laughs), I'd like to deepen our bonds.

Kudo HarukaNiinuma Kisora-chan. It's really cute how she ends up crying immediately. Since she's an airy-type girl, I'm interested in her.

Oda SakuraNiinuma Kisora-chan. Even when I watched her as a Kenshuusei, she was a girl with this mysterious air to her. She's become a member of Tsubaki Factory, so I'd like to use this opportunity to get closer to her.

Ogata HarunaOgata Risa-chan. Because our family names are read the same way, and I'm told that our faces are similar.

Nonaka Miki: Taguchi Natsumi-san. She talks a lot with me recently. I'd like to chat more and more with her!

Makino Maria: Tsugunaga Momoko-san ♥ Ever since my first Hello! Con once I'd joined the Kenshuusei, I've wanted to talk to Tsugunaga Momoko-san. It's Maria's dream ♥ But I can't bring myself to talk to a senpai......

Haga Akane: Tanimoto Ami-chan. Because she's messaged me saying 'I love you!' before. I have no idea if it's true or not though (laughs).

Q4. I want to get closer to this member from now on

Wada AyakaTsubaki Factory. They're a new group, so I have yet to make a connection!!

Fukuda KanonANGERME's 3ki members. It's got to be from the same group, right.

Nakanishi KanaKishimoto Yumeno-chan. We're both from Osaka, so I'd like to talk with her about Osaka.

Takeuchi Akari: Ozeki Mai-chan. People often say that we've got similar characters. I wonder why...... I'd like to be good friends!

Katsuta Rina: All of Tsubaki Factory. All of Kobushi Factory. They're groups of new people, so I don't really know them yet.

Tamura MeimiMorito Chisaki-chan. As we're both from North Kanto, I'd like to get close to her, and she's cute like 'Ringo-chan' ♥

Murota MizukiTanimoto Ami-chan. Because we seem to have similar tastes.

Aikawa Maho: Tanimoto Ami-san. She seems relaxed and does things at her own pace. She's cute.

Sasaki RikakoAsakura Kiki-chan. She's cute, and she honestly (!?) seems to be really funny!!

Q4. I want to get closer to this member from now on

Miyazaki YukaAikawa Maho-chan. While she seems to be in a world of her own, her clothes are stylish, which really interests me. She's always smiling, which I find soothing~♥

Kanazawa Tomoko: Tanimoto Ami-chan. I respect how she really loves singing. Her thoughts, attitude, and efforts towards singing are cool. It makes me feel like I have to do my best too!

Takagi SayukiInoue Rei-chan. Since I've heard that she lives in a world of her own, I'd like to try talking with her about all sorts of things. She's cute and good at singing. I'm curious about her.

Miyamoto KarinAsakura Kiki-chan. She's always smiling and cute...... But we don't really have opportunities to talk.

Uemura AkariMorito Chisaki-chan. When I fell off a chair, we had a fun laugh over it, so I'd like to get closer to her.

Q4. I want to get closer to this member from now on

Tsugunaga MomokoKishimoto Yumeno-chan♥ Actually, from the time of Berryz Kobo, all the members were head over heels for her ♥ That's a rare occurrence (laughs). I'd like to know more about her and like her even more~♥

Yamaki RisaNakajima Saki-san. My desire to get closer to her doesn't stem from any impertinent thoughts, but it's because she did something really kind before. I'd like to talk with her a bit more. I really like Fukuda Kanon-san's personal clothes. But I always get nervous around her...... I'd like to talk with her about H!P.

Inaba ManakaOkai Chisato-san. I've only talked with her a bit, but I have the impression that she's a really funny and nice person, so I think it'd be fun if we became friends.

Morito ChisakiMiyazaki Yuka-san because her atmosphere, her looks, everything about her is adorable. In my mind, Kanazawa Tomoko-san's funny, so I'd like to talk with her. Takeuchi Akari-san's really kind and funny and her voice is cute too, so I'd like to get close to her. I want my voice to be cute too......

Ozeki MaiSuzuki Airi-san! It humbles me to say that I want to get close to her. But even now, I've talked with her a little bit. From now on, I'd like to talk with her even more.

Q4. I want to get closer to this member from now on

Fujii RioIshida Ayumi-san. Because she seems really funny and kind.

Hirose Ayaka: Nakanishi Kana-san. She wrote 'I want to be friends' on her blog ♥

Nomura MinamiNonaka Miki-san. I heard that she's a returnee, so I want her to teach me English.; At any rate, I'd like to try getting closer to her!!

Ogawa RenaMorito Chisaki-chan. We're both from Tochigi prefecture, so I'd like to get closer with her.

Hamaura AyanoOzeki Mai-chan. She has this image of always being energetic and having fun when she talks, so I'd like to become friends with her.

Taguchi NatsumiMorito Chisaki-chan. I think that the airiness she seems to have is really adorable. I'd like to have a proper conversation with her.

Wada SakurakoOgata Haruna-san. Because she's funny, so it'd be fun to be with her.

Inoue ReiUemura Akari-san. Uemura-san's face and her way of singing are to my liking, she captivated me.

Q4. I want to get closer to this member from now on

Ogata RisaAikawa Maho-san. She seems really weird and is always smiling like she's having a good time, so I'd like to get close to her.

Yamagishi RikoOgata Haruna-chan. The reason is because we're the same age, and I think she's gentle. I think that girls that speak in Kansai-ben are cute, so I'd like to talk with her!

Niinuma KisoraSuzuki Kanon-san and Sato Masaki-san. Because I feel that it'll be a fun atmosphere with just Sato-san's presence. If you think about it deeply, we're the same age (laughs). For Suzuki-san, it's because she's from the same Aichi prefecture as I am, and she's like the sun!

Tanimoto AmiUemura Akari-san. She looks really cute when I see her at concerts, so I'd like to be friends with her and chat.

Kishimoto YumenoFukuda Kanon-san. I haven't really talked with her, so I'd like to have a chat!

Asakura KikiMorito Chisaki-san. Because I honestly haven't talked to her even once. The two of us often do ponytails, so I feel that we'd get along (laughs).

Notes and observations:

  • Since Chisato didn't specify any people, I just picked those who were born in the same year as her. If you were to specify by academic year, you'd lose Nacky and gain Maro - this would actually make up what's unofficially known as the 'born in '94' group, whose members lead their groups in various ways.
  • Everyone wants to be friends with that girl. With 6 nominations each, first place is shared between Chiitan and Ami. Behind them are Niinuma and Kishimon with 5 each, followed by Kiki with 4. I think there's just enough space to fit in those with 3 nominations: Chel, Maho, Ozeki, and Ogata Risa.
  • There's a reason why so many Tsubaki Factory names are there: Bakuwara and Ayacho both chose the whole group.
  • A mutual pair from Aichi. Only mutual pair I can see is Niinuma x Zukki. The common point? They both hail from Aichi, and that's why they picked the other.
  • Picking from your own group. While Maro says that the pick has got to be from one's own group, it strikes me as odd. Doesn't that suggest that she isn't close enough with people in her group? Only other member who picked someone from their own group was Maachan, and who knows what she's thinking.
  • By group:
    ℃-ute 5
    Morning Musume。´15 12
    Juice=Juice 5
    Country Girls 12
    Kobushi Factory10
    Tsubaki Factory 25
  • Tsubaki Factory leads the pack, perhaps because they were such a new group at the time? Even if you remove the effect of Bakuwara and Ayacho naming the group as a whole, they've still got the most nominations.
  • Simplifying is something I enjoy doing, so here goes:
  • You can stay indefinitely in the Niinuma - Kudo - Zukki - Maachan loop, but if you ever leave it (via Maachan), you'll never be able to get back.

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