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Member as boyfriend (H!P Maruwakari Summer 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, mainly asking about other members.

This one, which came out for the 2015 Summer Hello! Cons, would be the first without Berryz Kobo, and the first with Kobushi and Tsubaki Factories. As new entries into H!P, the members of the two Factories also got a 'New Face Maruwakari Special', which has additional questions for the girls.

Q7. If your partner was a guy, who would you want as your 'boyfriend'? And what would you give him as a present?

Yajima MaimiNakajima Saki-chan. Whatever blunder I'd make, I feel that, while she'd be astonished, she'd accept it open-heartedly with a 'Can't be helped'! I think she'd be happy to receive something hand-made, so I'd like to present her with a collage album of memorable pictures!

Nakajima SakiWith a frank, cool image, it'd be the skilful dancer Ishida Ayumi-chan. I'd like to get matching T-shirts and give her one, which we would wear together to go and watch live concerts.

Suzuki AiriYajima Maimi-chan. I feel that we spend our time in the same way, and we wouldn't get into fights. I think we'd be happy doing anything, but I'd like to make her an album as a present ♥

Okai Chisato: Yajima Maimi♥ She's pretty open-hearted and it's cute how she's such a scatterbrain.

Hagiwara MaiKudo Haruka-chan. I'd give her a cute rucksack!! Her current rucksack looks used, so it'd be a new one.

Q7. If your partner was a guy, who would you want as your 'boyfriend'? And what would you give him as a present?

Fukumura MizukiTakeuchi Akari-chan. Because it's fun to be with her! I'd like to fully play around with her at amusement parks or batting centres (places that Akari-chan would probably enjoy)! And, I'd like to give her a new 'velcro wallet' as a present (laughs).

Ikuta ErinaHagiwara Mai-san. She's just too cute. I'd buy her whatever!!

Sayashi Riho: Fukumura Mizuki-chan. Fuku-chan's the sole member who'll spoil me. With my economic resources, I probably wouldn't be able to give Fuku-chan a present that would make her happy (laughs), so I'd give a shoulder massage ticket!!

Suzuki KanonKudo Haruka-chan. She's the one that's always the happiest to receive my handmade sweets. So I'd like to give her a lot of sweets as a present.

Iikubo HarunaYajima Maimi-san. Because she's so dignified that it's just so cool. I'd like to give her a necktie and shirt as a present. I'd like to gaze at Yajima-san wearing them with a smile......

Ishida AyumiSuzuki Kanon-san. The two of us would go to a festival and I'd buy her a lot of yakitori (laughs).

Sato MasakiSuzuki Airi-san. I think that it'd be fun together and she'd be cute every day.

Kudo HarukaUemura Akari-chan. I'd give her takoyaki (laughs). Handmade, just in case. It'd be weird to have a boyfriend as airy as Aarii, but it'd be interesting.

Oda SakuraSuzuki Airi-san. To have such a perfect, cute boyfriend like that...... I'd like to be soothed by her. If possible, her height would remain as it is now. I'd like to give something like a muffler as a present ♪

Ogata HarunaOkai Chisato-san. Because I feel that she'd be gentle and supportive. I like seeing Okai-san in a hat, so I personally would like to give her a hat as a present.

Nonaka Miki: Ikuta Erina-san! Her nonchalant kindness is cool! I'd like to give her accessories as a present. I'd get nervous, wondering what sort of response I'd get.

Makino MariaFujii Rio-chan♥ I've like to present her with goods of her favourite Yajima Maimi-san. 

Haga Akane: My favourite Kudo Haruka-san ♥ She's really really cool, she's just too cool! And she's kind!! I'd like to give her a four-leaf clover as a present ♥

Q7. If your partner was a guy, who would you want as your 'boyfriend'? And what would you give him as a present?

Wada AyakaKudo Haruka-chan. I love False (the role Kuduu played in Lilium)!! But I like Kuduu too! For a present...... It'd be embarrassing, so I wouldn't give her one (laughs).

Fukuda KanonOkai Chisato-san. Always laughing, it feels like we'll be able to spend time having fun.

Nakanishi KanaFukuda Kanon-san. I feel that whatever you would give her as a present, she'd be happy! The Fukuda-kun in the play (Engeki Joshibu S/mileage's Jukebox-Musical 'Smile Fantasy!') was cool!

Takeuchi Akari: Okai Chisato-san.I'd give her accessories as a present, like earrings or a wristwatch.

Katsuta Rina: Kudo Haruka-chan. Because her voice is really low. For a present, I'd go to 'Gap' to get matching ribbons.

Tamura MeimiNakanishi Kana. Her voice is low and she's got her Osaka-ben, so she sounds like a guy when you hear her talking. But personality-wise, she's a childish girl who can't be left by herself though...... (laughs). For the present...... no idea what I'd do.

Murota MizukiTakeuchi Akari-san. I feel like it'd be cheerful and amusing when we're together. I'd like to give her a cap as a present.

Aikawa Maho: Ozeki Mai-chan. Her candidness is nice. I'd give her a cap, since I feel it'd suit her.

Sasaki RikakoKudo-san. This will never change, it'll always be Kudo-san! She's just too cool. I'd like to give her anime goods as a present.

Q7. If your partner was a guy, who would you want as your 'boyfriend'? And what would you give him as a present?

Miyazaki YukaKudo Haruka-san. She talks to me with an open heart, she's really gentle ♥ I wonder if she'd be happy to get fashionable, small articles like caps or glasses......

Kanazawa Tomoko: Ikuta Erina-san. It feels like we wouldn't run out of things to talk about, so it'd be fine to not attend to her. Also, when we'd hang out, a highlight would be what sort of stylish fashion she'd come in! I'd give her 'just-for-show' glasses as a present, and I'd like her to wear them!

Takagi SayukiKudo Haruka. I've got to bring out Kudo's name. For a boyfriend, it's got to be Kudo. It's already become a compulsory answer (laughs). What should I give as a present.....

Miyamoto KarinTamura Meimi-chan. Because she's really supportive and is always excited. I'd like to present MeiMei with a pair of Takarazuka tickets and watch it together!

Uemura AkariHirose Ayaka-chan. I feel she's level headed, so I think she'd be reliable. I like that. The present would be something practical.

Q7. If your partner was a guy, who would you want as your 'boyfriend'? And what would you give him as a present?

Tsugunaga MomokoKudo Haruka-chan♥ Because she's the most popular person among the H!P members. In the midst of that, Momochi would like to reconfirm the attractiveness that makes her number 1♥ For that sake, I'd give her sweets as a present!!!

Yamaki RisaIkuta Erina-san ☆ Because seeing her up-close, she's got a really pretty face, and she's like a good looking guy when you couple it with her hair (laughs). Since she's someone who loves her hometown, I'd like to give her some of Fukuoka's speciality sweets as a present.

Inaba ManakaIkuta Erina-san. When we were riding on a train and I was unsteady, Ikuta-san wordlessly used her arms to help steady me! How cool! I'd like to give her perfume as a present ♪ We share an interest in scents, so I think she'd be happy.

Morito ChisakiKudo Haruka-san. Because she's got this gentle atmosphere to her, so if we were together, it'd definitely be fun, and she'd be really kind. My present would be to go to the movies together.

Ozeki MaiKudo Haruka-san. I think that she'd be happy if I passed her a cool cap. She's really cool and cute ♥ I feel that she'd protect me if she was my boyfriend, so it's Kudo-san!

Q7. If your partner was a guy, who would you want as your 'boyfriend'? And what would you give him as a present?

Fujii RioOkai Chisato-san. Because she's really funny, I feel that every day would be fun. I'd give her a ramen discount ticket as a present.

Hirose Ayaka: Ikuta Erina-san. She's cool, and I feel that she'd bring me to all sorts of place.... Because she enjoys it ♥ It's a bit of a splurge, but I'd like to give her a watch with an order-made leapord-print of her name ERINA in it!!

Nomura MinamiInaba Manaka-san, since it feels like she'd take the lead. And when I'm having problems, she'd seriously listen to me, and she'd give me proper advice. I'd give her a necktie as a present. Because I think she'd treasure it when she puts it on.

Ogawa RenaKudo Haruka-san. Because she's really cool. Perfume, body cream, or clothes.... It feels likes that's what I'd give as a present, doesn't it!? (laughs)

Hamaura AyanoMurota Mizuki-chan. She'd be happy to receive potato crisps (laughs).

Taguchi NatsumiKudo Haruka-san. Because she's gentle and cool and wonderful! I'd give a towel and perfume as a present.

Wada SakurakoUemura Akari-san. Because she'll probably be cool if she became a guy. I'd like to give a hand-knit muffler or hand-made objects as a present.

Inoue ReiKudo Haruka-san. Cool, cute, upbeat, those make my heart skip a beat.

Q7. If your partner was a guy, who would you want as your 'boyfriend'? And what would you give him as a present?

Ogata RisaKudo Haruka-san. I'd like to give her matcha sweets and drinks as a present.

Yamagishi RikoOkai Chisato-san. Because I feel that she'd do funny things which would make us laugh. I'd like to give her a jack-in-the-box as a present because I feel like she'd give a really good reaction.

Niinuma KisoraKudo Haruka-san. Rather than a present, I'd make a hand-cooked meal ..... (laughs) ♥

Tanimoto AmiKudo Haruka-san. She's really cool.

Kishimoto YumenoFujii Rio-chan! Not that I think that she's cool (laughs), but because she's funny. I'd like to give her a weird mask or a detachable mustache as a present, which would make the both of us laugh.

Asakura KikiKishimoto Yumeno-chan. She's a funny person who often makes people laugh, so I don't think I'd tire of her even if I were next to her every day. Yumeno-chan likes Shimizu Saki-san, so I think that if I give her one of Shimizu-san's personal effects, she'd be really happy (laughs).

Notes and observations:

  • This is undoubtedly a landslide victory for Kuduu with 17 nominations. Next you've got Ikuta and Chisato with with 5 votes, and Maimi with 3.
  • I'm not keeping tabs on what presents they suggested, but articles of clothing seemed to be popular, particularly caps.
  • GroupNominations
    ℃-ute 12
    Morning Musume。´15 25
    Juice=Juice 2
    Country Girls 2
    Kobushi Factory3
    Tsubaki Factory 1
    Well, the group view doesn't reveal too much, given that a third of H!P chose Duu. I'd like to point out that each member of ℃-ute got nominated at least once.
Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project

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