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Hamachan on dressing room antics and producing herself

Excerpts from Hamachan's 20th February 2016 dwango interview, 'I want to be number one' With her eyes on the Japan Record Award, Hamaura Ayano's great ambitions.

We (Kobushi Factory) really get along. In the dressing room, someone said 'Let's do some arm wrestling!', and all of us started a showdown.

An arm wrestling tournament started?

We started one (laughs). We're all competitive, and we were like 'Let's do it!' I was the weakest though.

What led to the arm wrestling backstage?

Let me see.... We were talking about who was the strongest (laughs).

How did that development come about (laughs)?

Ogawa Rena-chan insisted that she was the strongest, but actually, Fujii Rio-chan is stronger. Yet Ogawa Rena-chan didn't yield from her declaration that she was the strongest. But she's about the second strongest.

A clash of egos.

All-in-all, Fujii Rio-chan was victorious.

You do amazing things in the dressing room.

In the intermissions, we'll start playing tag, or statues (laughs).

Like primary school kids!

Taguchi Natsumi-chan may be in her 3rd year of middle school, but her mental age is that of a child, her personality is like that of a baby's. She'll immediately say 'Let's play tag~!' While everyone else is exhausted, she alone will be full of energy.


Is there a senpai whom you respect?

Country Girls' Playing Manager Tsugunaga Momoko-san. I really admire her.

Eh? Momochi-san?


She's such a different type from Hamaura-san that your statement came as quite a shock.

She's really amazing at being her own producer. I think that's really something. Even from the singing aspect, she's amazing. She can sing really cute songs as part of Country Girls, but she can also sing cool songs. Plus, when it comes to dancing, it's also amazing how she studies up to make sure the curve of her palms and how she claps looks cute. Even when she's talking, she can respond to whatever anyone says, you'd expect no less from her.

Hamaura-san, how will you produce yourself?

I have to discover methods of singing, behaviours, dancing methods that suit me.

Hamaura-san, do you have an image of the ideal idol in your mind?

I'd like to become a perfect idol.

A perfect idol?

Capable of singing and dancing, as well as talking. Also, I think that Tsugunaga-san is perfect when it comes to acting and talking. I'd like to become like Tsugunaga-san.


If you include other idols, is Momochi-san the closest to being perfect as an idol?

For me, she's number one.

But there's also people like ℃-ute's Suzuki Airi-san, who's popular with girls....

She's a different number one.

Eh? Different?

There are various number ones!

Source: dwango

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