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Assembling with a smile! H!P's new members - Yanagawa Nanami & Funaki Musubu (BOMB May 2016)

Elevated from the Kenshuusei! The middle-school pairing
Because our average height is low, maybe we're better balanced

A few months have passed since you joined the group, so how do you feel now?

Yanagawa: The first stage I stood on as a Kenshuusei was at Nakano Sunplaza, so I'm glad that I get to stand on the same stage at these Hello! Project concerts. I spent about half a year in the Kenshuusei, but there were lots of times when I felt flustered, since after having been in the programme for about 2 years, Musubu was good at dancing and singing. However, that instead spurred me on to aspire even higher.

Funaki: When I was in the Kenshuusei, I couldn't really spend a long time performing at Hello! Project concerts, so this time around, just about everything feels fresh, and there were lots of things that had me nervous. Yanagawa-chan's spirit is amazing, she aggressively pushes herself forward, so I'm completely filled with a sense of crisis (laughs).

This may be a bit sudden, but what do you think is the reason that you were picked for Country Girls?

Funaki: I don't know the reasons, but Country Girls have a low average height, right? At 147cm, I'm not that much different from Yanagawa-chan, so maybe it's because we strike a good balance.

Yanagawa: There's our height, and I also think that we engender a childish atmosphere.

Funaki: However, Yanagawa-chan's a grown-up on the inside. She's got such a polite way of speaking, and she's so level-headed and wise that it makes you wonder how many lives she's lived (laughs).

Yanagawa: Really? I often get told at MCs that I'm like a child actress (laughs). Momochi-senpai has also followed up from that, so I'm thankful that it's been established as a part of my character.

When you actually joined them, did your image of Country Girls change?

Yanagawa: Before I joined, I was under the impression that they were sweet, prim, and proper, but they were a chatty group, in the best sense of the word. Our dressing rooms are full of life, with the members talking and joking around with one another, and making funny faces at times (laughs).

Funaki: I too had this image that they were refined and of the orthodox school. Personally, I thought that Ozeki Mai-san was energetic and mature, but my impression of her changed as I found out that she had a cute aspect to her as well. That said, I am younger than Ozeki-san though (laughs).

Also, the two of you share a common point in that the senpai you both look up to is Juice=Juice's Miyamoto Karin-chan.

Funaki: Yup! I've looked up to her ever since I joined the Kenshuusei. The first time I met her, I was smitten at first sight, she was the ideal of what I thought an idol was! I bought her solo photo book, which she autographed along with a message. Also, I think that she's also really girly, so I'd like to learn from her example.

Yanagawa: I think that performance-wise and looks-wise, she's the perfect idol. I also respect her as a person, and when we were together on a location bus, we exchanged contact addresses.

Funaki: Eh!? (angry)

Yanagawa: Previously, she wished me good luck while giving me a hug while we were at the wings of the stage of a concert, which touched my heart.

Funaki: This is the first I've heard of this though! (angry)

This is becoming a love triangle, so let's leave this topic here (laughs). How would you like the group to change in the future?

Funaki: I'm told that I have a husky voice, so there was a time when I wished that I had a cuter voice, but I'm now fond of my voice. Our new song 'Boogie Woogie Love' has a rockabilly taste to it, and I think that it allows me to make the best use of my voice, so I'd like to bring out my coolness.

Yanagawa: With Musubu and myself having joined, I think that the 7 of us can bring out intensity and coolness, so I'd like to use those to add to the cuteness and sweetness we've had so far.

Finally, your goals in the future!

Funaki: I'll have more opportunities to talk with the fans, so I'd like to gradually put out more information about myself and my character by through avenues like blog posts. My goal is a hall tour, and in order to do that, I'd like to raise my performance skills.

Yanagawa: As I develop as both an idol and as a person, I'd like to steadily achieve my goals systematically. Always aiming higher and going with full power, I too would like to aim for a hall tour!

Boogie Woogie LOVE / Koi wa Magnet / Ranrarun - Anata ni Muchu - / Country GirlsBOMB! / Gakken Plus

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