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Berryz Kobo x ℃-ute Cross Talk 45: Kumai Yurina x Hagiwara Mai

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hello! Project Kids in 2012, a book entitled Rival - 12 shoujo no 10-nen monogatari - (The 10-year legend of the 12 girls) was released. The book contains 2-page discussions between various pairings of the girls, covering all 66 possible combinations. In the process of reading this book, I'll be putting up some highlights as I read through the interviews.

Special Crosstalk Book "RIVAL 12 shoujyo no 10 nen monogatari (10 years stories of 12 girls)" / Berrz Kobo / Cute

Kumai Yurina X Hagiwara Mai


Hagiwara: Kumai-chan has this cute atmosphere to her, and when Kumai-chan comes out to speak at MCs, the atmosphere turns into a Kumai-chan mood. As we watched you from the wings of the stage, the members of ℃-ute were like 'OMG, how adorable!' Since we don't have a girl with a similar type of character in ℃-ute...

What impression did you have [of one another] when you first met?

Kumai: Mai was around 6 years old at the time of the H!P Kids. The impression I had was that she was tiny and cute. But I think she's now turned into a beauty.

Hagiwara: No, no, that's not the case (laughs). I can say this now, though it's a bit embarrassing...... In the midst of the many people at the 'H!P Kids audition', I saw Kumai-chan among them, and thought 'This girl is cute'.

Kumai: Eh, really?

Hagiwara: Even when we became the H!P Kids, I thought 'Ah, that cute girl's here as well'. Kumai-chan's face is in the genre that I favour.


Hagiwara: When we had the recent BeriKyuu concerts, Chisato and I just kept talking in the dressing room, while thinking that we were inconveniencing Berryz Kobo.

Kumai: For Berryz Kobo, each of us concentrates when we're doing something, like when we're applying our make-up in the morning for example, so our dressing room really gets quiet. But when we were together with ℃-ute, that quiet atmosphere got even more interesting when Mai was talking, and we talked about how amazing Mai was, to keep on talking constantly. And even when there wasn't anyone responding, you'd say 'Wait, doesn't it seems like I'm now talking to myself', it was funny to hear you say that.


Kumai: Ah, this is a personal memory, but in the past, didn't Mai and Chisato and Maasa and I have weird nicknames for one another? I can't remember it that well, but I remember being called 'flamingo' back then.

Hagiwara: How nostalgic! What was Maasa-chan again? Lesser panda? All of us were animals. I have fun memories of that. It's such an amazing memory.

Kumai: I feel like Mai was a squirrel. I feel like Chisato was a monkey.

Hagiwara: That's right, something like that. But if we were to be using them now, Kumai-chan would definitely be a flamingo (laughs).

Kumai: Among squirrels, Mai would be a squirrel beauty..... A squirrel with regular features.

I've never heard of those nicknames (laughs). Kumai-chan, you're funny

Hagiwara: No, I'd say that she soothes me instead. Not because she's funny, but more like 'How cute, hang on for a bit~'

You seriously lose your heart to her in the end (laughs). Because we've got the 2 of you, I've got a question I'd like to ask. If you were guys, who would you like to pick as your girlfriend from ℃-ute and from Berryz Kobo?

Hagiwara: Kumai-chan for Berryz Kobo, Airi from ℃-ute. The 2 of them are gentle and go at their own pace. 

Kumai: I'd go with Mai from ℃-ute. I can't make decisions promptly, and I feel that Mai would decide things if she were my girlfriend, she'd take the lead. And I feel that we'd have uninterrupted conversations, that'd be nice.

Hagiwara: Ah, if that's the only requirement, I have confidence.

And Kumai-chan, someone from Berryz Kobo?

Kumai: Risako, maybe. If anything, she's really seductive for her age, so anyone would be charmed. She's got this feminine magnetism. If I was a guy, I'd probably go for her.

Hagiwara: Eh, you picked someone pretty level-headed, so it was pretty unexpected. Not Momo-chan.

Kumai: That's right. I don't think you can go out with that person (laughs)

After 10 years, how do you think the other will be like?

Hagiwara: I hope that Kumai-chan makes use of her figure and works as a model. I feel that she'll undoubtedly go to the Paris Collection. It'll definitely be cool. In magazines, you'd appear in grown-up fashion magazines that I wouldn't read, Kumai-chan would be in a whole different world

Kumai: I feel like Mai will be married. You'll become a young mother, and your children will wear matching clothes. I also feel that your children will also be dressed as if they're ready for adventure when they walk through town.

Hagiwara: That's nice. I love kids, so I'd like to have a lot, and in the future I'd like to try designing fashion that's appropriate for my age, or children's clothes


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