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MaaDuu interviews Nacky - Top Yell September 2013

Excerpts from Sato Masaki and Kudo Haruka's interview of Nakajima Saki in the 13th instalment of their serialisation 'Maachan Kuduu no HaroPuro Senpai Tanboudan' from the magazine 'Top Yell'.


{Done part of this before, but no harm in repeating}

Sato: Nakajima-san, wasn't there a time when you coloured your hair brown? Aren't you going to go back to brown?

Nakajima: I tried out having it brown for about 2 months. But it seemed that I went over the line (laughs). Among the fans, there are a lot of them who prefer the pure type. When I dyed my hair brown for a while, they went like 'Ah, is that what you’re going for?'. For me, that was pretty scary. Fundamentally, I'm a timid person (lol). Besides, since it fits me, I definitely ended up settling with black.

Sato: Eh~, is that so?

Nakajima: That's right. Maachan, you want to dye your hair brown, right?

Sato: Masa wants to have brown hair. Once I'm out of middle school 3rd year, I think I'd like to immediately dye it.

How quick they grow

Sato: Um...... Nakajima-san, what's your favourite tree?

Nakajima: Eh, tree? Favourite tree? That's pretty sudden (laughs)

Kudo: For this serialisation, ever since we started with Mano-san, the favourite tree question has become a standard question that definitely gets asked (bitter smile).

Nakajima: Seriously? Eh~ tree.... I wonder...... It's not exactly my favourite, but for each of the 3 sisters in the Nakajima household, on the occasion of each of our births, a new tree would be planted.

Kudo: Whoa!

Nakajima: For my older sister, I remember it being a peach tree. My younger sister was definitely an angsana...... What was it for me!? A plum tree, maybe. Eh? It might have been the angsana for me.

Sato: That's important!

Nakajima: I'll confirm it later (laughs).


Kudo: [...] Oda-chan's presence had a huge impact on the 10th gen...

Nakajima: Why, why?

Kudo: Oda-chan joined as the 'Utahime', so she has lots of singing parts, she often sings at the forefront. Of course her singing is good, it's a fact that'll be admitted by anyone who listens her, she definitely can't be beat......


Sato: Even though only a year has joined since Oda-chain joined...... When I heard that the director-san listened to Oda-chan's singing and said 'Her singing voice was surprising', the director-san never said anything like that about any of the 10th gen, so I was really frustrated. And so, even though we're friends, I was really vexed. Even though we're entering our second year......

Nakajima: How wonderful! In a good way, it became your motivation.

Kudo: That's right. It motivated us, and there was this huge feeling that there was a hole that needed to be filled when Tanaka-san graduated. The singing parts were divided amongst everyone, but it felt like Oda-chan had become the core of the parts that Tanaka-san brought out, filling that hole. That was frustrating.

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