Friday, 25 April 2014

Master Momochi 'Karin-chan was my disciple'

UTB June 2014 edition 'This month's preamble-chan' vol. 15 Special
Tsugunaga Momoko (Appearing in a pink hakama)
When this UTB came out...
I may have graduated from university without a hitch
But since I'm an eternal seventeen-year-old
I'll always continue to wear school uniforms

A photo shoot in a school uniform?......
Well, aren't there lots of school uniforms when you take a look in UTB?!

But there are a lot of people who, once they've graduated from high school, go 'We don't want to, as school uniforms have become cosplay'.
As my rival is Mickey Mouse, just like Mickey, it's all right to remain unchanged. Since from now, I'll always be seventeen! I'd like to put on a sailor uniform and have a photo shoot in Yokohama!

A sailor uniform at that. By the way, below this article, it's stated that 'On the front cover of the next issue is Miyamoto Karin'.
Eh!? Have I ever been on the front cover by myself? First of all, this isn't the page to introduce new people!

Since there was an urgent request of 'I want to appear in UTB in a hakama to commemorate my graduation no matter what', this would have been nothing but empty space!
For that, thank you very much. But for me, this is my 13th year~ (angry huff)! Also, originally, Karin-chan was apprenticing under me in my serialisation 'Momo♥Pro', so this is despite the fact that we have a master-disciple relationship! I feel like I've been cast away by my disciple though (cries)

A message to Karin-chan!
Hmmm...... It would be good if you would please let me barter with you (laughs)


If you're interested, here's my translation of Karin's appearance in Momo's UTB serialisation, pictured below.

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