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℃―ute Suzuki Airi At 20 「I'm not mindful about being in love any time soon」

In the capital, Suzuki Airi carries out a
photo book release commemoration event
On the 24th, Suzuki Airi (20) from popular idol group ℃-ute held a release commemoration event for her photo book 「共鳴―KYOMEI―」 (Wani Books) in the capital.
 Its release date was on the 12th, her 20th birthday. 'We were on-location in Singapore, and the chicken rice was delicious. I ate lots. I was thinking that I should hold back since it'd make my tummy stick out in the photo book, but I had my fill as it's a place that I will rarely be able to get to. It was an exciting, enjoyable photo shoot,' Suzuki related with a smile.

' My parents said to me, "Please take responsibility of your own life now that you've grown up," which is something that weighs heavily in my heart. I keep that in mind every day, but I feel that there are parts of me that aren't really grown up. I've been doing less of the household chores like laundry and cleaning compared to the past, but I don't really feel like I want to grow up.'

 She celebrated her birthday with her family, and she received things like a necklace, a pinky ring, and earrings from both her parents. 'I drank alcohol with my father. Although I had something that was like champagne with a soft drink, but I couldn't hold it well and it made me drowsy.'

 Moreover, she informed us that the other members held a surprise party on the 23rd, 'We ate yakiniku, and I got presents. La-di-da. It was bliss.'

 Concerning love, it appears that it's completely out of her mind, 'Since I've been in this business for 13 years, I'm not mindful about being in love just because I've turned 20. Although among the members, we've had countless of stories where we entertained wild fancies like marriage or bringing up children.'

 'Besides that 'I'm brimming with curiosity, so there's all sorts of things that I want to do. I've got a lot of friends who are able to speak English, so first up, I'd like to learn to converse in English. In the future, it would be great pen lyrics in English,' it seems that her mind is filled with things related to work. However, she mentioned that, 'I took a correspondence course to get lessons on penmanship, but didn't stick with it'.

Source: Tokyo Sports
Additional info gleaned from other reports:
Barks (Lots of photos)
On it being her 10th photo book: It wasn't as if I had become particularly mature, there's the usual make-up-less cut, which is balanced with a cut that's more mature than usual, so you can look at it from either direction.
What she got for her mother, whose birthday was a day before hers: I made my way to some stores that specialise in stiff shoulders, and gave her a device that mitigates stiff shoulders as a present.

When asked how many points she'd give the photo book: I'm not able to evaluate it myself. It would make me glad if the people who take a look at it give it 100 marks, and since I'm 20 I want them to give it 200 marks.
Continuing on from not wanting to grow up: It's not like I immediately want to become an adult, I want to become an adult while letting time flow along as it is.

{I wish good luck to Airi with her English studies. After years of studying a new language (Japanese), I've got a pet theory that English is a pretty hard language to learn if you've only had limited exposure to it.
Setting that aside, it would be interesting if she started pulling a Harunan and sprinkling her blog posts with (what seems to be machine translated) English, or even better, what Chinami pulled off. I'm not going to complain if it makes translating her blog easier ;-)
Airi, all the best to you!}

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