Saturday, 12 April 2014

Eating Time!

{Taken from Suzuki Airi's perfect book 'Airi-al', Airi talks about eating and food}

A long time ago, it was often said that 'Suzuki Airi = face full of yum'. I love eating! I love delicious things! People were surprised that I completely finished up countless slices of pizza during the Pizza-La commercial, but that's normal for me. They're yummy, after all!!

Without any likes or dislikes, I think that I can eat all sorts of things because, when it comes to 'eating', I'm brimming with curiosity. I warmly welcome new encounters! If I'm interested, I'll try eating without hesitation! With the fullness of my tummy being the ultimate limitation, I'd generally invite food in (laughs). When I go overseas for on-location shooting, I definitely make sure to sample the local delicacies. Taiwan's xiaolongbaonasi goreng in Indonesia, Hakata's motsunabe, Okinawa's Rafute... just reminiscing about them spontaneously brings a smile to my face. Even though there was once where I thought that I couldn't, the way of Airi is to challenge oneself. Actually, I wasn't a fan the first time I ate melonpan. Yet, despite not liking it, the next time I gave it a try, it was delicious, so I like it now. I think that people who have got to know all sorts of delicious things are fortunate, and their lives are plentiful.

In the Suzuki household, meals are planned with my father's physical condition in mind. Our 3 meals are definitely made up of balanced, good ingredients. I'm grateful to my mother for that. I make sure to eat breakfast, and I consult with her about things like, 'I've put on some weight recently', or 'I've got a bit of a cold'. She makes healthy bentos, and she always thinks about packing in all sorts of things like yoghurt, pomegranate, or figs. Nothing in particular has happened, but I almost never fall sick recently, and I've got physical strength and can put all my energy into live performances, so it might be because of that. But from now I've got to manage it myself, and I'd like to study how to make them. I still have yet... to do so...... someday, definitely!!

My greedy self when it comes to 'eating' has also been continuously insisting, 'I love matcha', for several years. Recently, I became an Ujicha ♥ Ambassador (clap clap)! From now on, I'm looking forward to what I'll be doing as an ambassador, and I think I'd like to make an effort to spread  "Matchaz" !! And I'd like to push my own love of matcha to the extreme.

{This is in commemoration of Airi's birthday. Happy 20th!}

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