Thursday, 3 April 2014

MM'14 nationwide 10 location simultaneous handshake event: Iikubo Haruna in Kanagawa

【Kanagawa/ Iikubo】 Good morning\(^o^)/ It seems that the other members have departed, one after another、、、 But since Iikubo's is at the relatively close LaLaPort Yokohama、 I'm still chillーing at home!lol
What hair-style should I do~(´・Д・)」
【 Kanagawa/ Iikubo】 Fuffuffu、a snap with Berryz Kobo-san's CD ♡
【Kanagawa/ Iikubo】 Actually, I dropped by Yokohama Arenaー! I'd like all of us to do a performance here someday (*^^*)!
【Kanagawa/ Iikubo】 Well! Where am I now!? lol
【Kanagawa/ Iikubo】 No way, the ramen museum、 we're the same age ∑(゜Д゜)!!
【Kanagawa/ Iikubo】 LaLaPort Yokohama、 I've arrived!! Handshake event、、、(´・Д・)」DokiDoki、、、
【Kanagawa/ Iikubo】 The handshake event at HMV LaLaPort Yokohama、 has safely come to an end (*^^*) Truly、 it made me pleased that there were so many people who came! The moment I arrived, I was immediately wrapped in a feeling of relief!! Everyone who gave me warm greetings、 thank you very much ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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