Thursday, 3 April 2014

MM'14 nationwide 10 location simultaneous handshake event: Sayashi Riho in Mie

【Mie/Sayashi】 Sayashi's currently fast asleep while holding some snacks tightly。 We're currently heading to Mie! Since we need to retain plenty of energy、everyone, please wait excitedly at Tower Records Suzuka today ☆
【Mie/ Sayashi】 After that、 I woke up in Nagoya! Good morning! It's Sayashi Riho ★ I'll be going to ÆON MALL Suzuka today! The place is known for the Suzuka circuit (^^) Everyone, please wait for meー
【Mie/ Sayashi】 I'll be making a live appearance on Suzuka Voice FM78.3MHz「Sunset VOX」 from about 5:10 pm~ 5:30 pm! Those who can listen to it, make sure to~♪ You can barely see half of my face。。Hmm? If I make the picture negative。。
【Mie/ Sayashi】 I'm getting to do a hat trick of having TV and radio and comments taken (^^) Actually I went to do a photo shoot at Nagoya's TV Tower! At lastー it's now time for lunchー!
【Mie/ Sayashi】 The late lunch was delicious ♪ Well then! After this from 5:00 pm onwards, I'll be appearing on Suzuka Voice FM「Sunset VOX」, so everyone, please listen to itー!
【Mie/ Sayashi】 Sayashi isn't spilling anything at all today。。。
{I think it's a reference to what happened last time}
【Mie/ Sayashi】 How it looked like just before the live broadcast。 You could experience seeing this from the booth!(^_^) During her appearance the glass became clear and you could see from outside how it looked like inside 、 so Sayashi-san was unusually shy ☆
【Mie/ Sayashi】 Done with the live broadcast、Sayashi is eating monaka but。。。
【Mie/Sayashi】 Of course it gets spilled!!!
【Mie/ Sayashi】 Thank you very much for the live radio broadcastた(^^) Despite no notice being given, a lot of people made their way there! I'm glad! Well then、 the handshake event will be from 6:30 pm at ÆON MALL Suzuka
【Mie/Sayashi】 The handshake event has ended!! People from here、 people who came from afar、 a lot of people came to meet me (^^) Thank you very much for letting me spend a great time calmly ♪

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