Thursday, 3 April 2014

MM'14 nationwide 10 location simultaneous handshake event: Oda Sakura in Nagasaki

【Nagasaki/Oda】 Arrived at Nagasakiー☆ Going 'cheese' with Omura's mascot character, 『Omuran-chan』 the sakura faerie (^-^)/ It's a sakura collaboration ♡♡
【Nagasaki/ Oda】 After this, at about 1:25 pm〜 a live appearance on NBC Nagasaki Broadcast 『Jouhou Konbini Gogo go GO‼』〜☆ Everyone from Nagasaki and Saga, please make sure to listen to itっ☆
【Nagasaki/Oda】 Lunch has obviously got to be this!! Nagasaki champon\(^o^)/
【Nagasaki / Oda】 Finally, after this at 6 pm〜 There'll be a talk & handshake event at Amu Plaza Nagasaki Kamome Plaza! We'll make sure to wait for everyone from Kyushu ☆ DokiDoki!
【Nagasaki /Oda】 The Nagasaki talk & handshake event has wrapped up without a hitch!! Thank you very much to the large number of people who gathered ♡ I'll do my best so that we'll be able to tour in Nagasaki next time ☆
【Nagasaki/ Oda】 Finally, a snapshot with champon (^-^)/ I'll come again to Nagasakiー☆

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