Thursday, 3 April 2014

MM'14 nationwide 10 location simultaneous handshake event: Kudou Haruka in Okinawa

[Okinawa / Kudo]
Good morning!!
Nationwide 10 location simultaneous handshake @ Okinawa (^^)
I have faith that a lot of people will be coming
【Okinawa/ Kudo】 Lunch is Locomoco-don!
【Okinawa/ Kudo】 Next to the sea before the handshake event!! OMG//// I love Okinawaaaa!♡!
【Okinawa/ Kudo】 Kudo、 event has started! Excessively nervous。
【Okinawa/ Kudo】 The handshake event for Okinawa has come to an end‼︎ A lot of people came、 which makes me really gladっっ(^^) Next, let's do a concert in Okinawaaaa!

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