Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mano-chan on Sayu grad

Eh?!?! Michishige-san is graduating from Morning Musume in autumn?!?! What a surprise 、、、 How should I say it If Michishige-san graduates Then it feels like The Morning Musume。-san That I looked up to and liked since I was small Will disappear。 It feels like we're on the verge of a new generation。 Inside myself、 you know I want to go to the graduation live (._.)

You know 、it's sad 。
My tears are coming out in the train (._.)
Despite it being something auspicious
Since graduation means setting out on a new path

I really understand
The feelings of all the fans (>_<)

Bonus: Sashihara Rino

Cha, Chayu...


  1. It reminds me so much of what Risa said at Yossy's graduation: "The Morning Musume that I knew and loved will be gone completely."

    For me and a lot of fans, who became Morning Musume and/or H!P fans during the Platinum Era, it's the same thing. It's weird, but on the other hand I appreciate the other current members very much and I wish them all the best for their continuation of Morning Musume.

  2. I feel the opposite. I'm glad because she's played her part and now she's moving on. I understand a lot of people are upset as well because she was the last member of Platinum Era and even during Shabondama era but I'm still happy she's leaving.

    She will be missed but not by me. I want to see how Morning Musume will evolve now with members from 2011 to now.