Sunday, 13 April 2014

℃-ute concert tour ー2014 Spring~℃-ute no Honne~ Nakajima Saki・ Hagiwara Mai Challenging the new technique of pole dancing!

It began with the start of the 『℃-ute Concert Tour ー2014 Spring~ ℃-ute no Honne~』 at Gotanda U-port Hall (Tokyo) where Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai performed a pole dance、
But on the 19th of April (Sat) Nippon Tokushu Togyo Shiminkaikan performance (Aichi) they'll be challenging a new technique!
Everyone, make sure to keep your expectations up!

For an impression of the Gotanda U-port Hall performance, the official Youtube channel 『Hello! Sta』 has it currently open to the public!

Source: H!P official site

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