Saturday, 18 January 2014

Idol rankings

Trattoria Buono 20130831 ~ 16:30 mins

20130831BUONO! by KANANASKIS2013

A 28-year old office lady calls in for advice: Her male colleagues commented that she's the type who can do work, but wouldn't want to become a housewife. She wants to know how to  make guys think of her as a woman who is interested in marriage.

Momo notes that it's a painful, and she'd like to know too, since she's often at the bottom such rankings. They then call up Airi-sensei.

Who comes in with a "Happy Wedding" and then goes on to say that she's heading back.
It turns out that she doesn't have a solution, since just like Momochi she's always at the bottom of such rankings as well. And she doesn't know why.

She elaborates that she's high on 'want as girlfriend, but not as a wife'.
Momo counters that that's better than herself, whose sole top ranking is 'seems good at saving'. XD

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