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H!P DVD Magazine Vol 40 - Berryz Kobo


So the Berryz-chans enter the room to find 6 bottles of Oronamin C. The girls make a quick grab at them, leaving Maasa without. (Note: Oronamin is Maasa's favourite drink)
So they shift the drinks along one person, which leaves Yurina without one XD
They reveal the final bottle in a box under a red cloth.
Yurina: Is it okay if I break open this box?

They need to clear three missions for the key.
But Captain also reads out that as a penalty for for failure, they have to drink a supper bitter drink over there~
Which happens to be right behind her, which everyone points out should be 'here' rather than 'over there'.
Cap: I mentioned it and it just happened to be behind me
They also decide as a group who will drink it, so Cap also mentions that it's possible that the same person might end up drinking it XD

The topics:
Kanji, Maths, Social studies
English, Beauty, General knowledge
Miya (whispering as she sits down): I don't like it, don't like it, I don't fancy all these academic things.
Straight off the bat they strike off English and Maths, and go for Beauty.


They're asked to do a version of Chinese whispers with drawings.
Momo, seated after Captain, noted that she was in the worst spot (Note: Captain is notorious for her lack of drawing skills.)
Chinami starts off, and notes that the paw is a main point.
However the girls before Maasa lose hope once they looked at her drawing. XD
It turns out okay as Ricchan gives the correct answer - a cat.
When asked about the possibility of confusing it with a fox, Chinami pointed out that the paw was supposed to bring up the image of 'Yurushite Nyan'


They then discuss possible questions for the kanji section. Miya suggest the possibility of favourite mottos.
Miya's favourite motto: Isshou Kenmei (With all your might)
They then discuss switching places. Maasa ends up at the end, because it's kanji. Kumaicho 2nd last, since Momo points out that she writes nicely. Momo and Captain deliberate over their spots, with Captain pointing out that Momo's trying to be sly and run away, as well as the fact is that Momo should've have learnt it (Trans comment: After all, she is studying education).
Cap: I can't really do kanji at all
Momo: I have a feeling you'll do good (Ii kanji da yo)
Miya: So no complaints about [me and Chinami] not budging from the first two spots?

Challenge: Read out the following kanji
They do well, until Yurina hits a roadblock.
The girls recommend #1 to her, which she gets on the fourth attempt, thanks to Miya's gesturing.
Miya: Doing these things makes you feel like you've really worked hard in your studies

General knowledge

Miya: Give me an example [of general knowledge questions]. Like garbage days?
Cap: That differs by region lol

Momo points out that since Berryz are often said to be a bunch of idiots, you could look at it positively and think that being successful in this challenge would put the spotlight on them.
Chii: You're a genius - we can change our image after 10 years

They janken to decide positions, after persuading Miya and Chii that they should shift to get rid of their idiotic image. Miya still tries to cut in after losing the first round though XD
Miya and Yurina manage to persuade Captain to take the last spot.

Chinami complains that she's thirsty. The others recommend that she have the punishment drink XD
Momo points out that Chii can blame the juice if she's unable to answer. Chii still ends up saying no.
Momo: But if we fail this, Chii has to drink it. It'll make it more exciting
Chii: It would actually be more exciting if the one drinking it was you

And Chinami starts off already wondering what the first words mean XD ('Verbal', if you're interested)
Challenge: Please give verbal answers for the following: National Holidays
The girls give their answers, but complained that the bell was slow to ring.
And the reason they didn't ring it because there were wrong answers - Father's day (Chii's answer) and Mother's day (Miya's answer) aren't national holidays.
A note in the video mentions that the game should have ended at Chii's mistake, but they continued because everyone was so spirited.
There should have been a punishment, but this time they were given a special out.

Social studies

They persuade Chii to move to the back  - supposedly because the lighting was better there XD
Maasa gets the last place because she's the boss of society XD

Challenge: Write out the name of a land-locked prefecture
Chii got stuck, with Miya being the only other one who had to rewrite her answer.
It never got to the boss of society
Momo notes that Yurina got the 'Tochi' in Tochigi wrong.
There were only 8 correct answers though, so it was tough.

Chii is made to drink the punishment drink. The others mention that it's good for the skin.
After she's finished reacting to it and had a drink of water, they comment that she became radiant after drinking it.


Miya points out that Momo and Captain would be the best for Maths, so they end up as the last two
Challenge: Double the number of the previous answer
Miya takes forever though XD
No one gets punished this time, probably since this is the last one.


Chii gets one early on due to her making puppy eyes.
The others deliberate on doing janken, loser doesn't get a drink. Chii wants to join in to be fair.
The others one by one say that they're giving up their right to drink, until Chii jumps in - which the rest follow up with an 'if you say so'. XD
So Chii's the loser in the end.

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