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Great expectations (H!P Maruwakari Summer 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, mainly asking about other members.

This one, which came out for the 2015 Summer Hello! Cons, would be the first without Berryz Kobo, and the first with Kobushi and Tsubaki Factories. As new entries into H!P, the members of the two Factories also got a 'New Face Maruwakari Special', which has additional questions for the girls.

Q3. Member(s) whose activities you have high future expectations of

Yajima MaimiInoue Rei-chan! The first time I met her, I got this impression that she was dainty and calm. But when I first heard 'Nen ni ha Nen', her punchy singing surprised me!!

Nakajima SakiInaba Manaka-chan. She's extremely good at dancing!! I want her to dance even more. The contrast between her dancing and her cute voice is great.

Suzuki AiriMurota Mizuki-chan. I'd like to keep an eye on her singing and sexiness. I feel that they're going to improve even further ♥ Ozeki Mai-chan. She's gradually getting cuter, so I'd like to know more about her!! Morito Chisaki-chan. I get the impression that she's really been smiling a lot more recently. I'm keeping an eye on her, because I think that she'll get even cuter.

Okai Chisato: Nomura Minami-chan. It surprised me just how grown-up she was when we got to do a stage-play together. So I'll cheer her on ☆

Hagiwara MaiMakino Maria-chan. She's got a really pretty face, and Makino-chan's really pretty in Morning Musume。´15's MVs, so I've got my hopes up ♥

Q3. Member(s) whose activities you have high future expectations of

Fukumura MizukiYamagishi Riko-chan and Uemura Akari-chan. The 2 of them have been learning things through observation ever since they made their first appearances at the Nama Tamago Show!s. I've been keeping an eye on them since then. They've both been picked for new units, so I want them to do their best!

Ikuta ErinaInaba Manaka-chan. She's really good at dancing. I think that Inabaccho's dancing has the power to fascinate people. I envy Inabaccho, so I'm always watching her when she dances.

Sayashi Riho: Hirose Ayaka-chan, Inoue Rei-chan. They have this presence which manifests itself when they perform, it's amazing! I feel like they carry themselves properly.

Suzuki KanonKishimoto Yumeno-chan. Ever since her time as a Kenshuusei, she's been a girl with long limbs and a wonderful smile.

Iikubo HarunaOgata Haruna-chan. She creates lots of opportunities to be tsukkomi-ed at concert tour MCs, so I think she's funny~ Perhaps it's because she's from Osaka. In the future, please keep an eye on 'Double Haruna'!!

Ishida AyumiNomura Minami-chan. She's been doing things wholeheartedly ever since she was a Kenshuusei, and as your eyes follow her, you can really appreciate the amount of effort she makes. While she has this strong image of being a cool performer, I'd like you to look at her other expressions as well.

Sato MasakiYamaki-san. No idea why. But she tickles my fancy. Oda-chan talks a lot with her.

Kudo HarukaOzeki Mai-chan. It seems that she's an even greater narcissist than rumoured...... I feel like she's a bit of a comrade (laughs). The way she sang her solo at the HinaFes was amazing. She was impressive~.

Oda SakuraHirose Ayaka-chan. She's really good at singing. Perhaps she might become a rival to me?

Ogata HarunaOzeki Mai-chan. Because her short-cut really suits her, it's cute! I love her straightforward personality, she's able to say 'I'm cute~!' about herself!

Nonaka Miki: Hirose Ayaka-chan. The first time I heard her sing, it had such impact. We're in the same academic year, so I'd like to be friends.

Makino Maria: Kishimoto Yumeno-chan ♥ I've always been good friends with Yume ever since the Morning Musume。 11ki auditions. We've been rivals since then as well. Even now, that won't change.

Haga Akane: Asakura Kiki-chan. She's really good at dancing and I'd like to hear more of her singing.

Q3. Member(s) whose activities you have high future expectations of

Wada AyakaANGERME. Our newly reborn selves. Up to now, there have been many repeated incidents(!?) where people end up saying 'S/mileage is always like that', but since we've been reborn, I'd like us to break out of that 'always like that' state. In a good way, we'll be late bloomers who'll take what's happened so far and flip it on its head. Please keep an eye on all of us in ANGERME.

Fukuda KanonHirose Ayaka-chan. Hirose-chan says that she likes me, and she's really good at singing, so I've got my hopes up for her in the future.

Nakanishi KanaInaba Manaka-chan. She's good at dancing, she's gentle, I'll be keeping an eye on her in the future!!

Takeuchi Akari: Inoue Rei-chan! She's really good at singing and she's really cute, so I'm keeping an eye on her!!

Katsuta Rina: Makino Maria-chan. She always dances in a huge way, swinging her head, so how big will her dancing get!? I look forward to it.

Tamura MeimiMurota Mizuki. She's really good at presenting herself, she shines. I'm looking forward to her in the future, as I want to see her shine even more ☆

Murota MizukiAsakura Kiki-chan. Because she's cute and good at dancing!

Aikawa Maho: Makino Maria-san. Her face is just too cute. I think that she's got a great figure. She's like a model. Yamagishi Riko-san has this airy feel to her, but she's good at dancing and has a cute voice.

Sasaki RikakoInoue Rei-chan. She's good at singing, she's cute, she's slim. I've really got high expectations on her!

Q3. Member(s) whose activities you have high future expectations of

Miyazaki YukaInoue Rei-chan. Even though my very first impression of her was that she was quiet, her singing was really attractive - it immediately had me charmed! With her small face, her long limbs, she's adorable~♥

Kanazawa Tomoko: Makino Maria-chan. We're buddies who entered in the same generation of Kenshuusei, so I've always had my eyes on her, but it seems that she loves baseball and is knowledgeable about it, so I hope that she links that interest of hers with our work even more.

Takagi SayukiMakino Maria-chan. She's a real hard worker, and I love how she's constantly heading forwards at full power!

Miyamoto KarinHamaura Ayano-chan. Hamachan's really really polite, and every time we meet, she always talks to me with a smile. She really is an idol! I like the strength of her voice during her solo part in Kobushi Factory's 'Nen ni ha Nen'.

Uemura AkariSasaki Rikako-chan. Her dancing is powerful, and she often appears in magazines, so I've got my eyes on her.

Q3. Member(s) whose activities you have high future expectations of

Tsugunaga MomokoThere are lots, but as Momochi is Country Girls' PM, I'd like to keep an eye on the 4 Country Girls ♥ Eh!? Who in particular amongst the 4 of them? Momochi's everyone's idol as well as everyone's PM, so I can't choose just one ♥

Yamaki Risa: Nonaka Miki-chan. While it may seem like I'm taking a condescending view by saying I've got high hopes for her, it's because she's really amazing at English! I feel like there'll even more opportunities for people overseas to know about H!P.

Inaba ManakaSasaki Rikako-chan. Rikako-chan's an idol and a model. I feel like she's flourishing in extensive fields!

Morito ChisakiAikawa Maho-chan. Because when you get close to her, she's got this really mysterious aura, it's interesting.

Ozeki MaiSasaki Rikako-chan! I saw her dance for the first time at the winter Hello! Cons, but I was startled by her coolness and sharpness!!

Q3. Member(s) whose activities you have high future expectations of

Fujii RioTanimoto Ami-chan. I thought that she was a quiet girl, but unexpectedly, she's a free spirit and a prankster. It's like the more I know about her, the more interesting she gets!

Hirose Ayaka: Tanimoto Ami-chan. Doesn't it seem like she still has hidden charms to show us!?

Nomura MinamiMakino Maria-san. Her extraordinary smile is really cute, and her sharp dancing is fascinating!

Ogawa RenaSasaki Rikako-chan. I've got my eyes on her as her dancing is really powerful, and she really shines on stage.

Hamaura AyanoInoue Rei-chan, Ogawa Rena-chan, Taguchi Natsumi-chan, Fujii Rio-chan, Nomura Minami-chan, Hirose Ayaka-chan, Wada Sakurako-chan, Hamaura Ayano. Kobushi Factory!

Taguchi NatsumiYajima Maimi-san, Suzuki Airi-san. Because Yajima-san leads Hello! Project as the leader, while Suzuki-san is flourishing in all sorts of areas like magazines and commercials!

Wada SakurakoMakino Maria-chan. Because she's cute and has a gentle character.

Inoue ReiNonaka Miki-san. Because she's an idol who can converse in English, which is something we haven't had before.

Q3. Member(s) whose activities you have high future expectations of

Ogata RisaMurota Mizuki-san. Because I think that within ANGERME-san, she's good at singing and dancing, she's stylish.

Yamagishi RikoMakino Maria-chan. Because she has a brilliant aura and is positive towards everything. I like Maria-chan's way of always cheerfully doing her hardest.

Niinuma KisoraAll of Tsubaki Factory, obviously! The 6 of us will put our strengths together and do our best~!

Tanimoto AmiSasaki Rikako-san. Because she's flourishing not just as an idol but as a model.

Kishimoto YumenoThe 6 members of Tsubaki Factory. I have high expectations of our potential in the future.

Asakura KikiInaba Manaka-san. Because of her smooth dancing and her wonderful smile. The closer I get to her, the more she shines, and she's got this feeling of transparentness to her.

Notes and observations:

  • So who do the H!P members have high hopes for? Members which had the most nominations:

    6Rikako, ReiRei
    5Manakan, Ayapan
    4Muro, Ozeki, Kishimon, Kiki, Ami, RikoRiko

    As a contrast to to the 'face of H!P' question, this question does have an implicit bias to the younger, newer members. After all, for better or for worse, you'd roughly know what to expect of someone who's been in the business for a couple of years - though surprises can and do happen.
  • Of the 11 names listed in the above table, Ozeki Mai stands out as the only one who didn't come from the Kenshuusei. The rest were all from the H!P Kenshuusei programme, with Ayapan and ReiRei previously part of the Nice Girl Project! Kenshuusei. Score one for the Kenshuusei programme when it comes to building up expectations, I guess.
  • Youth might be a factor, given that the top 3 are fourteen. But then you have Manakan, RikoRiko, and Murotan at 17, which is generally near the top end of the age curve for new H!P members.
  • Let's look at Kenshuusei tenure then. The top 5 are fairly established, with the least experienced being Manakan, who joined the Kenshuusei mid-2013. However, beyond the top 5, you have Kiki and Ami, who joined November 2014 alongside the former NGP Kenshuusei - about the same time as non-Kenshuusei Ozeki, actually.
  • By group:

    ℃-ute 22
    Morning Musume。´15 1111
    Juice=Juice 11
    Country Girls 139
    Kobushi Factory2012
    Tsubaki Factory 208

    Quick explanation: Nominations are per the above graph. Having done that, I realised that there would be some distortion due to some members nominating basically their whole group - particularly Tsubaki, where 2 people nominated their whole group. Having taken out the effects of Hamachan, Ayacho, Momo, Niinuma, and Kishimon, you get the 'adjusted' numbers.
  • Coming back to the 'new faces breed anticipation' mentioned beforehand, you can see it omfull force when you look at the distribution by group - adjusted or not, the two groups without new members joining them over the past two years have the least members named. 

Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project

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