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New Faces: Face I like (H!P Maruwakari Summer 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, mainly asking about other members.

As new additions to H!P, the Kobushi and Tsubaki Factories also get an additional questionnaire - the 'New Face Maruwakari Special''.

Q6. Senpai whose face I like

Fujii RioKudo Haruka-san. Her angel face is wonderful.

Hirose Ayaka: Kudo Haruka-san. She is indeed the angel-face ♥

Nomura MinamiWada Ayaka-san. I like hers!

Ogawa RenaHagiwara Mai-san. I love how regular her facial features are.

Hamaura AyanoSato Masaki-san and Suzuki Airi-san and Tsugunaga Momoko-san. Sato-san's eyes and mouth sparkle. For Suzuki-san, her smile. I love Tsugunaga-san's silhouette and eyes and mouth.

Taguchi NatsumiSuzuki Airi-san. Particularly her face when she's laughing.

Wada SakurakoSuzuki Airi-san. She can make all sorts of facial expressions, but I like the face she makes when singing in particular.

Inoue ReiHagiwara Mai-san. Her face is pretty and cute. I particularly like her face when she's laughing.

Q6. Senpai whose face I like

Ogata RisaFukuda Kanon-san. I love her singing and dancing, but what I like most about her is her face. Her eyes are wide, and I like the way she smiles without really showing her teeth. Normally she'll have her bangs down, but on the rare occasion that her bangs are raised, it suits her as well. At any rate, I like everything!

Yamagishi RikoNakajima Saki-san. She's beautiful and cute. It's super adorable how she winks and averts her gaze in the middle of concerts. I like when her hair's down as well as when it's in a ponytail. At any rate, I like everything about Nakajima-san, who goes well with anything!!

Niinuma Kisora: Yamaki Risa-chan. Risa-chan's eyes are large and slightly tawny, it's really cute!

Tanimoto AmiSuzuki Airi-san, Makino Maria-san. Because their faces are my type.

Kishimoto YumenoNakanishi Kana-san. No reason in particular, but she's pretty!

Asakura KikiYajima Maimi-san. I think she's a really beautiful person. I feel like a glow flows out from her face.

Notes and observations:
  • With 4 nominations, the most liked face by the new faces turns out to be magazine model Airi! After her, MaiMai and Kudo received 2 votes each.

  • By group:
    ℃-ute - 8
    Morning Musume。´15 - 4
    ANGERME - 3
    Country Girls - 2

Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project

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