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Oshimen (H!P Maruwakari Summer 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, mainly asking about other members.

This one, which came out for the 2015 Summer Hello! Cons, would be the first without Berryz Kobo, and the first with Kobushi and Tsubaki Factories. As new entries into H!P, the members of the two Factories also got a 'New Face Maruwakari Special', which has additional questions for the girls.

Q1. This person: I love her! I'm interested in her! She's my oshimen!

Yajima MaimiSuzuki Kanon-chan. She's kind of soothing ♥ I'd like to go for a meal with her, mostly to watch Zukki eat her fill (^_^) ♥

Nakajima SakiHagiwara Mai! Simply said, her face is my type. Any sort of make-up suits her, and she can pull off any sort of fashion! I envy her.

Suzuki AiriThinking about oshimen isn't really my cup of tea......but someone I've newly got interested in is Tanimoto Ami-chan!! Because ever since the first time I saw her, her beauty had me taken at first sight. I'm interested in finding out how her singing is like ♥

Okai Chisato: Kudo Haruka ☆ She's cute, isn't she? With her always husky voice, I want her to bring Morning Musume。´15 forward (^o^)

Hagiwara MaiKudo-chan♥ She's cute and I like the way she dances. She's a good girl and her face is adorable.

Q1. This person: I love her! I'm interested in her! She's my oshimen!

Fukumura MizukiTsugunaga Momoko-san. With her idolness and how much she gets into it, she brings out her charms and her character. She's also capable as a singer, and as a talker she's perfect! I love her!!

Ikuta ErinaIkuta Erina-chan ♥ I don't think this'll ever change. She'll always be at 1st place. Ikuta-chan, I want you to always do your best!

Sayashi Riho: Asakura Kiki-chan. I've always been interested in her from when she entered the Kenshuusei! Even before she'd become part of Tsubaki, I've mentioned that to her. I think that her face really fits the name 'Asakura-san'. The way her facial expression clearly conveys things, it looks good!

Suzuki KanonThe never-changing Mitsui Aika-san. I really look up to kind-hearted people like Mitsui-san. She's come back from New Zealand, so I'd like to have a long chat with her soon.

Iikubo HarunaInoue Rei-chan. I kept an eye on her during the winter Hello! Cons, thinking 'What a beauty!'. Then she was selected as a member of Kobushi Factory. The first time I heard ReiRei sing, I immediately fell head over heels (laughs).

Ishida AyumiSuzuki Airi-san. She gets even lovelier every time I see her, and I definitely do watch her unconsciously. She's asked me out for a meal. While I'd be happy if it became a reality, I'd get so nervous that it'd be a hassle (laughs).

Sato MasakiOda-chan!? She's got a cute personality ♥

Kudo HarukaOkai Chisato-san. I'm not going to waver! Okai-san's definitely cute and cool and funny, she's perfect. I look up to her, I support her, she really is a senpai whom I love.

Oda SakuraI'll always oshi Nakajima-san, but I've decided on a 2nd oshimen! It's Inaba Manaka-chan ♥ I've oshied her since we were Kenshuusei!!

Ogata HarunaAs always, it's Sayashi Riho-san. Her dancing, her singing, they're cool. It's my dream for the both of us to hang out.

Nonaka Miki: Sayashi Riho-san!! I'll eternally admire her ♥ Dancing, singing, facial expressions... It's all amazing!!

Makino Maria: Hagiwara Mai-san♥ Hagiwara-san's really cute and she's always nice to me, I looooove her ♥

Haga Akane: I'll love Kudo Haruka-san eternally ♥ I won't lose to anyone!!

Q1. This person: I love her! I'm interested in her! She's my oshimen!

Wada AyakaAll the new members of ANGERME. They're kouhai I'm proud of. They're super cute.

Fukuda KanonI will eternally oshi Kumai Yurina-san, so I don't have any now.

Nakanishi KanaMiyazaki Yuka-chan and Takeuchi Akari-chan. Inaba Manaka-chan and Sato Masaki-chan too. I like them because they're so kind!!

Takeuchi Akari: Morito Chisaki-chan. She's really cute!! Super-duper cute!!!

Katsuta Rina: Hagiwara Mai-san. I think that her smile is adorable! She's gentle and fashionable. Rather than saying she's my oshimen, I look up to her!!

Tamura MeimiIt'll never change, it's Hagiwara Mai-san ☆

Murota MizukiKishimoto Yumeno. I like her voice. Tanimoto Ami-chan's face is my type. I also like her fashion sense.

Aikawa Maho: I think that Hagiwara Mai-san is perfect in looks and voice. Yamagishi Riko-san is airy, and it's fun to be with her!

Sasaki RikakoKudo Haruka-san, Makino Maria-chan, Inaba Manaka-chan. I've always liked Kudo-san from long ago. I've been friends with Maria from when we were Kenshuusei, so I've talked with her a lot, even if we don't have time to hang out now. I've always been close with Manakan, and we're all lovey-dovey at the Hello! Cons (laughs).

Q1. This person: I love her! I'm interested in her! She's my oshimen!

Miyazaki YukaNakajima Saki-san. Her girlish, fluffy hair is really lovely!! I like how she doesn't seem like the type that normally talks a lot, but her sharp dancing acts as a complete contrast.

Kanazawa Tomoko: Asakura Kiki-chan ♥ From the first time I set eyes on her, I got interested, 'Wow! She's such a cutie~', and since then I've talked a bit with her and watched her perform. I've come to love the gentle, diligent, hardworking Kiki-chan!!

Takagi SayukiSasaki Rikako-chan. Face and personality-wise, they're dead on! She's just too cute.

Miyamoto KarinOzeki Mai-chan. Her smile and just about everything else is really cute ♥ It makes my heart skip a beat ♥ It's such a joy when she calls out to me 'Miyamoto-sa~n!'!

Uemura AkariYamaki Risa-chan. When we hang out, she doesn't get mad even when I'm late, and it makes me happy that she always invites me out.

Q1. This person: I love her! I'm interested in her! She's my oshimen!

Tsugunaga MomokoNo matter how many times you ask, it won't change - it's Tsugunaga Momoko! Has it already been about 5 years? I've been answering this question the same way every time. Momochi VS Maruwakari Book!! Who will give in first!?

Yamaki RisaMichishi...... Yajima Maimi-san, Okai Chisato-san, Oda Sakura-chan, Niinuma Kisora-chan, Uemura Akari-san!!

Inaba ManakaKudo Haruka-san. Her singing, dancing, looks, strong sense of responsibility...... I love everything.

Morito ChisakiSayashi Riho-san. I really like her when she's dancing. Iikubo Haruna-san. Iikubo-san's really cute when she's talking. Fukuda Kanon-san. Because she's really kind. And she's really cute. Hagiwara Mai-san. She always speaks gently with me. Her aura is really cute.

Ozeki MaiYajima Maimi-san, Suzuki Airi-san, Miyamoto Karin-san. Yajima-san is my goal as a woman. She's perfect. For Suzuki-san, I love her sparkling smile and her cheerfulness! Miyamoto-san always goes 'Mai-chan!' with an adorable smile on her face!

Q1. This person: I love her! I'm interested in her! She's my oshimen!

Fujii RioYajima Maimi-san. She's serious and kind to everyone. I like how, while she's so cool when she performs on-stage, she's actually an airhead.

Hirose Ayaka: Fukuda Kanon-san ♥ I'll always love her.

Nomura MinamiWada Ayaka-san. I'll love Wada-san my whole life! Currently, Wada Ayaka-san appears on the morning programme 'Charge 730!' as a Charge Girl! So I'm really happy because I feel like I get to meet Wada-san every week!!

Ogawa RenaKudo Haruka-san. She's really cute and cool and kind so I looooooooove her.

Hamaura AyanoTsugunaga Momoko-san, Ikuta Erina-san, & Sato Masaki-san.

Taguchi NatsumiSuzuki Airi-san. I've always liked Suzuki-san from way back! Even now, that hasn't changed. I'd like to sing together with Suzuki-san someday!

Wada SakurakoOkai Chisato-san. Because she's cute, but her singing and dancing are cool.

Inoue ReiHagiwara Mai-san. Her voice is really cute, just how I like it. The form of her hands and fingers are pretty.

Q1. This person: I love her! I'm interested in her! She's my oshimen!

Ogata RisaFukuda Kanon-san. Her voice, the way she does her make-up, her height, her dressing. I like her so much that there'd be no end of things I could say. In truth, I get embarrassed when we meet, and I can't get close......

Yamagishi RikoFukumura Mizuki-san. She'll always greet me with a gentle 'RikoRiko~', and I like her cute airyness. Suzuki Airi-san. I think it's amazing how she can bring out a different atmosphere depending on the song. Her smile is cute.

Niinuma KisoraIshida Ayumi-san! I like her sharp dancing and her face in profile ♥ Also Yamaki Risa-chan! I just simply like her though (laughs).

Tanimoto AmiSuzuki Airi-san, Sasaki Rikako-san, Murota Mizuki-san. Because the 3 of them have good figures and are good at dancing.

Kishimoto YumenoInaba Manaka-chan. Because she's so cute that just looking at her makes me smile. Her words and actions excite me!!

Asakura KikiSayashi Riho-san. Her dancing is so sharp that it feels like she can't be beat, I respect her for how good she is. Also, the way she talks is cute, the complete opposite of her dancing, that difference excites me. I love how her cute facial expressions when she's eating (laughs).

Notes and observations:
  • If this had been an election, who'd be the senbatsu in this line-up? Centre would be Hagiwara MaiMai, with 8 votes. First and second runner-ups would be Duu (6) and Airi (5). Rounding off the line-up with 4 votes each are RihoRiho and Manakan.
  • Mutual oshis. Interestingly, there's quite a number of mutual pairs:
    Suzuki Airi <-> Tanimoto Ami 
    Okai Chisato  <-> Kudo Haruka
    Murota Mizuki  <-> Tanimoto Ami
    Miyamoto Karin  <-> Ozeki Mai
    Uemura Akari  <-> Yamaki Risa

    Yamaki Risa
      <-> Niinuma Kisora
    Tanimoto Ami and Yamaki Risa actually get two mutual pairs.
  • Their own biggest fans. In a show of confidence about themselves, Momo and Ikuta both chose themselves. Heck, Momo fairly points out that over five years, there's been no point asking her this question. Interestingly, both of these people are also oshied by Hamachan.
  • Forever faithful. Props to Maro for staying loyal to her oshi. Risa-chan also hints at a certain former H!P member before heading into a proper answer.
  • By group:
    ℃-ute 20
    Morning Musume。´15 21
    Juice=Juice 3
    Country Girls 11
    Kobushi Factory1
    Tsubaki Factory 7
    The nominations lean heavily towards the Musume and ℃-ute. Am a bit surprised that Kobushi didn't get much love. Every member in Country Girls got nominated at least once. Same goes for ℃-ute, but you'd expect that from a more established group. As a nod to Maro's wishes, I've stuck her 'nomination' for Kumaicho under the 'Ex-H!P' grouping.

Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project

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