Monday, 15 February 2016

Favourite music genres of the H!P members

On the official profiles of the H!P members from the major groups, one (new?) question that's asked is their favourite music genre. Someone on 2ch compiled it into a list (324), so here's a quick translation.

Yajima: Rock
Nakajima: J-Pop
Airi: Rock
Okai: Rock
Hagiwara: K-Pop

Fukumura: J-Pop
Ikuta: J-Pop, Reggae, Western music
Kanon: J-Pop, Dubstep
Iikubo: R&B
Ishida: J-Pop
Sato: J-Pop
Kudo: Anime songs
Oda: Techno pop, Vocaloid
Ogata Haruna: Pop, Idol ballads, Christmas songs
Nonaka: Western Music, Instrumental
Makino: Enka, Disney, J-Pop, Pro baseball team songs, Individual support songs for Fighters players
Haga: If it's a Hello! Project song, I'll like it.

Wada: J-Pop, R&B
Nakanishi: Classical
Takeuchi: J-Pop, Western music
Katsuta: Western music, J-Pop, K-Pop
Tamura: Showa ballads, songs from musicals
Murota: Pop
Aikawa: Pop
Sasaki: Rock
Kamikokuryo: K-Pop
Kasahara Momona: Classical

Miyazaki: Soothing music
Kanazawa: I aim to listen to all sorts of music, regardless of whether it's traditional Japanese or Western music ♪
Takagi: Folk, Blues, R&B, African-American music, traditional Japanese music
Miyamoto: 80s idol music, R&B, EDM styles
Uemura: Ballads

Tsugunaga: I'm Country Girls' PM, so of course... Country
Yamaki: Hello! Project, J-Pop
Inaba: Jazz Hip-Hop
Morito: Rock, J-Pop
Ozeki: Rock that lifts your spirits
Yanagawa: Jazz, J-Pop
Funaki: J-Pop

Fujii: J-Pop
Hirose: J-Pop, Rock, Ballads
Nomura: J-Pop
Ogawa: Ballads
Hamaura: J-Pop
Taguchi: R&B
Wada: J-Pop
Inoue: I like genres with calm melodies that can be sung to enthusiastically.

Yamagishi: Hip-Hop, R&B, J-Pop
Ogata Risa: Idol ballads, Jazz, Techno pop
Niinuma: J-Pop
Tanimoto: J-Pop
Kishimoto: Soul music
Asakura: J-Pop,  Classical

Mitsui: Lavender-coloured; If it's clothes, I have lots of black ones [T/N: I think some sort of mix-up may have happened here, but this was definitely what was on Mitsui's official profile when I last checked it]

[Note: This question does not appear on Sayashi's profile]


And while I'm at it, let's just sum things up:

  1. J-Pop - 23
  2. Rock - 7
  3. R&B - 6
  4. Western music - 4
  5. K-Pop, Pop, Idol music, Ballads - 3 each

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