Sunday, 19 January 2014

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko Puri Puri Princess October 27th (237th episode) Broadcast Postscript

Berryz Kobo Tsugunaga Momoko no Puri Puri Princess (2013/11/03 10:00 pm)

Today we welcomed Ayami Chercy Snow-san and Rayna S Mauser-san from Afilia Saga.

Last year we welcomed Louise-san and Yukafin-san from Afilia Saga and got to broadcast an enjoyable talk, but as usual, this time was exciting too.

"When Afilia-san comes, ask about their age" has become a promise.

We aired a "magical showdown" that you definitely wouldn't be aired on television.
To those listening at their radios, how did it feel?

All of Afilia Saga, have a time slot in Chou A&G+
Before Puri Puri Princess.
Make sure, that on Sunday nights 7 .30 pm for about an hour, to enjoy it on Chou A&G+.

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