Tuesday, 14 January 2014

RihoRiho's handshake event tweets

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] Heading towards the hall now

 [Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] With my parka on, riding on the tram (Doya

[Hiroshima, Osaka/ Sayashi]  Mumble mumble RihoRiho

 [Hiroshima, Osaka/ Sayashi] Ah, it spilled...

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] The parka too...

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] To the tons of people who came to Hiroshima, I really thank you very much  o(^▽^)o  I'll do my best in Osaka too ー!!(^O^)

[Hiroshima, Osaka / Sayashi] I forgot my iPhone in the hall yesterday, so as a punishment game for having to go back and retrieve it, I have to put my hair in twintails for Hiroshima...

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] Ciao, Hiroshima! Onwards, to Osaka  ヽ(•ω•)ノ

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] Arrived at Hoop!

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi] Curl curl

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi]  The handshake event at Osaka Abeno Hoop has been wrapped up. After it ended I had strawberry daifuku backstage, and of course all the flour was flying around, a klutz as ever.

[Hiroshima, Osaka/Sayashi]  Joined up with Fuku-chan ♡ ( ̄ー+ ̄*)sparkle

Apparently these things do work, it's just getting blocked by one of my antisocial apps XD. Seems to work fine when I go into porn incognito mode XD
It's hard to dig in Twitter for these, so I think I'll stop at these two :)

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