Thursday, 23 January 2014

Oda Sakura: If humanity were to evolve they'd become Sato-san

Oda: Speaking about Sato-san... If humanity were to evolve I think that they'd become the same type as Sato-san

- What, is she a completely different type of organism (laughs).

Oda: There often something off when you compare the things everyone talks about to the things Sato-san talks about. Yet I think it's strange that it all meshes together.
Watching 'making of' DVDs before I became a member, I found myself thinking "Does such a person really exist", but that really is how she is as a person.
I think that it's wonderful. The senpai may have said it before,
but if Sato-san wasn't around, I think there wouldn't be this atmosphere of the current Morning Musume.
I think she really has this ability to connect people together.

Source: CD Journal through 2ch through Helloprocanvas

Notes: Not my best translation, but the content was interesting enough that I still think it was worth sharing. I'll leave you with my favourite 2ch comment: '[This is the] Maachan theory of evolution'

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  1. To think that the any idol group need some kind of chemistry among themselves, while Maa-chan do an alright job in singing and dancing, she becomes an important mechanism to drive the group in a better state.