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Berryz Kobo x ℃-ute Cross Talk: Sudo Maasa x Nakajima Saki

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hello! Project Kids in 2012, a book entitled Rival - 12 shoujo no 10-nen monogatari - (The 10-year legend of the 12 girls) was released. The book contains 2-page discussions between pairs of girls, covering all 66 possible combinations of them.

This time around, we'll be looking into the discussion between the main MCs of their respective groups. 

Sudo Maasa X Nakajima Saki


--- The 2 of you are often depended upon to perform the MC role in your group, but are you comfortable with your current positions? Or would you like to change?

Nakajima: There are times when it's hard to deal with situations, like when what we're talking about is being given the cold shoulder. In my mind, it's like 'I can't say anything interesting......' On the other hand, Chisato and Mai are good at that, it's more interesting for them to talk absent-mindedly, so I'm glad to MC.

Sudo: It's the same for me. Being a tsukkomi to the bokes of the rest kind of harmonises with my own personality. It wouldn't be pretty if I was a boke.

Nakajima: Ah, I get what you mean (laughs).

Sudo: And so, stopping Momo or Chinami who are being the boke or running amok, it's personally comfortable to me.


--- When you look at one another, in what aspect is your counterpart good (at MC-ing)?

Nakajima: Maasa-chan properly gets through the things that need to be said. She stresses her words so it's easy to understand, properly stressing things point-by-point, she's good.

Sudo: I probably don't even realise it (laughs). I don't really speak that smoothly, so I think that I have to clearly say the things I want to properly get through. For Nacky to say that, I'm glad that it got through (laughs). Nacky's definitely good at summarising. At any rate, ℃-ute feel unrestricted (laughs), when they're making a racket, Nacky makes a racket too, but she properly stops it as time runs out. Also, Maimi-chan and Airi get engrossed in speaking their mind, so I think it's interesting (laughs).


--- At this point in time,  the 2 of you can sum things up with a snap. but just talking with the other members, the 2 of you were shy at first.

Sudo: That's right (laughs). This isn't related to being shy, but when we were Kids, I got Disneyland souvenirs from Nacky.

Nakajima: That time, it was because my mama had told me to do it properly (laughs).

Sudo: Ahahahaha. Even though you were shy, you adopted proper etiquette. I find it difficult to talk with people as well.

Nakajima: We're the same. But for my so-called transformation that happened midway through, it's definitely because I thought that, as our job requires us to stand in front of the public eye, nothing would start if I didn't say anything. I had to get things through.

Sudo: It was much worse for me, I didn't laugh naturally. My smiles ended up being forced smiles as well (laughs).

Nakajima: How about during handshakes?

Sudo: I'd look downwards (laughs). I was nervous, but just like Nacky, I thought that I had to show proper etiquette, so I would bow as I shook hands. So I'd always be facing downwards as I said 'Thank you very much' (laughs).

Nakajima: Ahahahaha. You didn't look at their faces? The fans would only be able to see Maasa-chan's scalp (laughs).

Sudo: My scalp (laughs)! At handshake events, I was often told 'Look into their eyes'. And from then, I started looking into people's eyes (laughs).

--- And from there, you grew to the point that you could MC. People do change. As fellow MCs, do you think that in the future, you'll be chairing one another's marriage ceremonies? Ah, that would be lovely~.

Sudo: Lovely! But would we be fit for it (laughs)!?

Nakajima: I want everyone to come to my wedding ceremony. We've talked about this before in ℃-ute. Chisato and Mai were like 'We'd get repetitive if we chaired a wedding ceremony, so we'd just stop with it!' But then, they said 'Let's do a skit'.

Sudo: Ahahahaha. A skit by the 2 of them!? That might actually be more preferable!!

---Looking back, over these 10 years, how was the time the two of you spent together like?

Sudo: Since we split to become Berryz Kobo and ℃-ute, we haven't really spent that much time together, and during the Kids era, we didn't really talk to one another as we were shy, but the strange thing is that, even though we don't talk, we don't feel out of place when we're together. That upside might just be because we're both fellow shy people (laughs).

Nakajima: I get what you mean (laughs). Even if we don't talk, it's more like it isn't required. It's comfy.

Sudo: Also, speaking of Nacky, she had this strong image of being a cute girl who'd sit with a blank look on her face (laughs). That image changed as I spent more time with her, we talked a lot, and she was level-headed. When it was time to play, Nacky would enjoy herself all out, making a ruckus, but when the teacher entered for the lesson, with a snap, she'd put on her game face. That's a good attitude to work.

Nakajima: That's kind of an amazing view (laughs). Recently the members have been telling me, 'Nacky, you switch gears way to fast, it's scary how you suddenly turn cold' (laughs). I think that Maasa-chan is similar to me in some ways. Looking at Maasa-chan's braids, it makes me notice that finer braids look pretty, there's all sorts of things that I can use her as a reference for.

Sudo: I'm watching you too (laughs).

--- And what's more, the hairstyles of the both of you today are the same, in braids, there's a bilateral symmetry.

Sudo: Just by coincidence (laughs).

Nakajima: We really do resemble one another, right.


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