Friday, 31 July 2015

Takeda Rena: 100 questions and answers (Part 3)

Q45. Cosplay you'd like to try out?
A45. YuriKuma Arashi ・ Kantai Collection -KanKore-
Q46. Recommended app?
A46. Love Live!
Q47.  If you could go to anywhere in the world?
A48. I'd like to go to Hawaii!
Q48. What surprised you when you came to Tokyo?
A48. The complexity of the subway…
Q49. What you can boast about your home town ・ Fukushima!
A49. I like how everyone's kind、and spends their time leisurely!
Q50. S or M、 if you had to pick one?
A50. S…Not!!
Q51.  Cute、 Pretty、 which would you want to be said of yourself?
A51.  I'd be happy with either!
Q52. What if you could use magic?
A52. I'd like to fly in the sky!
Q53. If you had a time machine、 would you like to go to the past or the future?
A53. I'd like to try going to the past, like the Edo period
Q54. What if you were reborn as a guy?
A54. I'd try to flashily hang out with friends…( ̄ー ̄)
Q55. What if you became a guy just for a day?
A55. I'd like to swim in a river!
Q56. Favourite type of guy?
A56. A kind, mature person
Q57. What sort of boy's fashion do you like?
A57. White shirts I like it if it looks simple and cute
Q58. Favourite men's hairstyle?
A58. Natural hairstyles that seem like they haven't been set
Q59. Do you believe in fate?
A59. I do!
Q60. When was your first love?
A60. 1st year of primary school
Q61. Do you confess? Or do you want to be confessed to?
A61. I want to be confessed to!!
Q62. If you were confessed to, what words would you want to be said?
A62. I like you!!
Q63. Confession situation you yearn for?
A63. I want to be told naturally in a straight-forward manner。
Q64. Your dream date plan?
A64.  Appreciating a movie or a DVD、 then a cat cafe!!
Q65.  You're getting a birthday present from the person you like。 What do you want?
A65.  I'd be happy with anything……
Q66. If you were a guy, who would you like to go out with?
A66. Shiina Hikari-san♡
Q67. If you fall in love, are you the devoted type?
A67. I'm not really devoted…(。-_-。)

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