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What are the legends of 「Juice=Juice」, H!P's secret weapon who have finally attained a 1st place on the Oricon charts?

Juice=Juice who acquired the first place
on Oricon 
2 years from their indies début
Taking 1st place on the 20th April Oricon Weekly Rankings with their 6th single 「Wonderful World/Ca va ? Ca va ?」 in their 3rd year since their début、we have the 5 person unit Juice=Juice !
This is their first time attaining the top position, 2 years since their début in April  2013。 They represent the 2nd Hello! Project group to achieve this after Morning Musume。、 and within the many idol groups attached to H!P such as Morning Musume。’15 and ℃-ute 、 they are currently particularly burning with vigour。
So with the with a WPB NEWS interview entitled 「Congratulations on your Oricon 1st place」、 we take an exclusive charge at the 5 members (Miyamoto KarinUemura AkariMiyazaki Yuka、 Kanazawa Tomoko、 Takagi Sayuki)! As the latter part、 here we uncover the legends of each memberーー and present to you a surprising confession!?
* * *
Miyamoto Karin
―At the beginning of this year, Miyamoto-san was selected as one of 「Idols to look out for this year、 chosen by ShuuPure NEWS」。 There was even an interview。(Article→/2015/01/28/42600/, English translation→here
Miyamoto Yes!  Thank you very much for that time (With a smile)。
― On that occasion、 we heard of various 「Miyamoto Karin legends」 such as 「Starting with make-up at 10 years old」, 「Dancing at full power with a broken leg」, 「Waking up at 4 in the morning to do individual practice」, they're all things that have an impact… By the way, do the other 4 of you have any 「legends」 that carry an impact?
Takagi Yes、 we do! I put on weight super easily、 but I can lose it in the blink of an eye when I make a serious effort!
―Eh? This would be a 『Takagi Sayuki 'losing weight in the blink of an eye' legend』??
Takagi For example、 I was plump the day before yesterday 。 But、 yesterday、 I put in effort。
4 of them Indeed! You've slimmed down today!!
Takagi Sayuki
―That much?? At the best, how much weight have you lost?
Takagi My best record was dropping 4 kilos in 5 days。
―Ehhh??? 4 kilos is a huge drop for a girl!!
Miyazaki Indeed, if we don't meet for just a day, her face just goes whoosh!
―Did you remove your molars?
Takagi They weren't extracted!(laughs) Well, my weight-loss method is a trade secret。 How about that!(Smug face
Kanazawa Tomoko
―A wonderful legend! Let's continue on with Kanazawa-san。
Kanazawa I often got to ramen stores because I love ramen。 By the way, my favourite is tonkotsu shoyu flavour、 and I once went to the same store every day for a week!
― A week?? Did the people at the store remember you?
Kanazawa The store manager remembered my face。 Because I ordered tonkotsu ramen every day、 it got to the point where they'd bring out tonkotsu ramen without me having to say a word!
― Like 「Waiter、 the usual!」。 That's the 『Kanazawa Tomoko 'One week of ramen lifestyle' legend』。 Well then、 how about Uemura-san。
Uemura At this year's New Year Hello! Project concerts、 there was a dance that required extreme acrobatics。 And in there、 there was a team which had to do extreme splits、 and I got picked for that。 But I couldn't open up my legs at all though, as my body was stiff。 After seriously doing my best, I became able to do the splits!
Miyazaki That really happened in a flash。 Even though she couldn't do it at all, I think she went 「Right!」 and after about 2 minutes her legs were apart。 What's more, before that, she'd been holding her body tight。 I was like 「Ehhhー?」。
Uemura Akari
Miyazaki Yuka
―『Uemura Akari 'Immediately being able to do splits' legend』! What's more, it was done in 2 minutes、 you truly are a 「kid who accomplishes something when she puts her mind to it」。 Well then、 finally, Miyazaki-san!
Miyazaki For me、 it takes me a long time to get out of the bath。 So…、
― Ehhhーーー???  You're talking about your private life?  Is that a 「legend」??
Miyazaki When I get out of the bath、 I apply moisturising oil and a facial pack before wiping my body dry、 I lymph massage using a body cream of the fragrance I like、 and furthermore, I'll properly towel dry my hair、 then I'll apply treatment that won't wash away and properly dry my hair。
―  Wait、 you're just continuing on to talk as if nothing happened、 but is that really a legend?
Miyazaki Yes。 I go through that 365 days in a year。
― 365 days???  I seeー、 it seems amazing if you think about it that way。
Miyazaki When I stay together in the same hotel room with the members, they're amazed 「You spend so much time after getting out of the bath!」… But I don't think there's a H!P member that's this fussy about 「beauty」!
― 『Miyazaki Yuka 'Takes a Long Time After Exiting the Bath' Legend』! … With that said、 it's time to wrap up。 A final comment for the readers!
Miyazaki Right。 Thanks to all of you、we were able to get 1st place on the Oricon weekly charts this time!  Juice=Juice will be stretching ourselves even further from now on! And、 we'll extend our skills (laughs)、  and we'd like to do our best that it'll catch your attention! We beg for your kind support!
Formed in February 2013。 Their 6th single 「Wonderful World/Ca va ? Ca va ?」 took 1st place on the Oricon Weekly Ranking。 『Juice=Juice First Live Tour 2015 ~Special Juice~』 started from the 2nd of May。 At Tokyo's Nakano Sunplaza (2nd、 3rd May) 。 Osaka's NHK Osaka Hall (23rd May)。
Source: Weekly Playboy

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