Thursday, 2 January 2014

Impressions on TGS' Partition Love MV Preview

"So, sensei, can you tell me why there needs to be a wall between us? Can't I overcome it? I don't want to be a kid"

I don't usually watch music videos, usually turning them on as background music. It's normally when the music is awesome, only then do I start watching properly.
Even worse are music videos which are part of a large movie. You end up wondering what the story is about - like did Jurina and Mayuyu get married in the end or something? That kind of thing.

Thankfully, the music was awesome - this is TGS after all - which drew me to the video.
And the story itself is mostly self-contained - well, up to the best part, where it cuts off!
Well played on their part - if anything, it makes me want to know what happens even more.

The story is that of a student - Hiichan - having a crush on her teacher.
We see her currying favour with him, trying to flirt subtly.
Then, a rival appears! In contrast to Hiichan, Aachan takes a more aggressive approach.
Hiichan finally ends up writing a letter to the teacher.
And as we get to the point where we can see the teacher's response, the video ends!
Professional conduct would most likely have him thank her with a polite refusal.
But we can see as part of the CM that Hiichan later turns up at the teacher's door in the rain. Awww, poor (wet) Hiichan.

Can I just say how adorable Hiichan is as a high schooler?
It's rare that they pull off this kind of image instead of their usual mature style.
Yet she's just so comfortable in this high schooler role.
Her acting seems pretty good as well.

The bits of English sprinkled in the video is a plus as well.
"Please remove the partition between us"
"The heart is about to burst"
"Would you look at me not as a student, but as a sweetheart?"
The second one seems a bit of a stretch for a first year senior high schooler though - everything else around it seems reasonable, then you have this figurative sentence in the middle.

All in all, I've always loved how TGS has always been consistent with the high quality of their music. And their music videos can and does blow me away at times - Kodou no Himitsu was another one where the music video was a win.

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  1. i think they mistakenly translated "恋人" as "sweetheart" instead of "lover".
    lovely video. <3