Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Michishige Sayumi in Yamaguchi Prefecture (Morning Musume 15th Anniversary PB Zero)

She used to be envious of the members from Kanto. 
Maintaining her lifestyle, she became part of Morning Musume.

'It's been a long while since I was last back,
But I think that it's nice how time seems to advance slowly in Yamaguchi.
I feel that it's always busy in Tokyo.'

Her time spent in Tokyo, and her time spent in Yamaguchi.
Before she knew it, they've become almost the same length.
Already she has made plenty of memories in Tokyo.

'I'm bad at communicating with people I've just met.
Therefore, I'm most comfortable when I'm with my family
And with my Yamaguchi friends that I made before becoming part of Morning Musume.'

The present members have strong feelings of love towards their home towns.

'I felt "homeisck" 2~3 years after heading to the capital.
I'm sure that it's a condition that afflicts all of us.
Now, I've been able to discover things to look forward to in Tokyo.
Once some time has passed
Doesn't everyone's feelings change little by little?'

Looking at her face in profile as she said that, there seemed to be a bit of happiness, and a bit of sadness.

What she leads, is Morning Musume.

{Skoban: That is, until tonight's concert. To Michishige Sayumi, thank you very much for your years of service, and for everything you've taught to the Morning Musume. of the present.}

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