Saturday, 5 April 2014

I think that guys who are otaku are good! I want them to recommend animes and mangas they like

Mano Erina-chan acts as main character Izumino Akira in 'The Next Generation Patlabor Dai 1-Shou', the live action adaptation of the anime 'Mobile Police Patlabor'.

How did you feel when you found out that you would be starring in the movie?
Since there are a lot of fans of the original work, which had come out even before I was born, I was extremely anxious. But, with Oshii Mamoru-director's statement, 'The setting is changing, and I'd like to remake Patlabor anew', something original was fine by me, and I started to look forward to it.

You're acting as Akira, what sort of girl is she?
A girl who's like the sun. Wanting to ride the robots called Labors stationed at Special Vehicle Section 2, she joined the police force. At any rate, she's positive and spirited.

Any common points between Akira and Mano-chan?
The things that fits us both the most, it that we love games. Both Akura and I are gamers! The scene where I'm having a conversation while playing a game is something that often happens normally, so it was easy to act out (laughs).

Well, what do you think of guys who are otaku?
I like anime and manga, so I think that they're good! We can meet and introduce our favourite works to one another.

What does Mano-chan recommend?
I'm currently into 'Hero Mask' , a manga in a school setting. The protagonist fights not with special powers, but only with a strong sense of justice, it's so cool!

Well then, finally, let's have a comment for the R25 generation. {R25 is the magazine this appears in}
Inside 'Patlabor', there'll be people appearing who are doing their best despite struggling with their work. When you watch it, I'd be pleased if it makes you think 'I have to do my best too'!


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