Friday, 14 February 2014

Speaking of Valentine's

Weekly Shounen Sunday No. 11 26/02/2014
Extract from Morning Musume '14's 4 Musume (Michishige, Fukumura, Sayashi, Kudou) interview

- By the way, as this week's Sunday is the Valentine's issue, what are your memories of Valentine's?
Sayashi: For us, the members mutually exchange chocolates. One time, I made chocolate pie. Despite working hard at making it from the morning, it ended up looking horrible... I cried...
All: Ahahaha
Sayashi: I'll never make it again!
Kudou: Speaking of Valentine's, my younger brother's pretty popular, and since he gets tons, I'm always the one in charge of eating them1 (lol)
Michishige: For Sayumi, when I was in primary 4th, for the sake of exchanging them with the girls2, I brought chocolates to school even though they were prohibited. But, when I was thinking of bringing along the chocolate, I ended up really wanting to have some chocolate, so I quietly ate some. Then, saying that I smelled of chocolate, the sensei discovered it and they were confiscated (cry).
Sayashi: Leader, that's funny
- No stories about guys turned up.
Fukumura: After all, in reality we love nothing but Hello! Pro! That feeling of love is extremely strong (lol)
Michishige: There are other things we like as well!
Fukumura: Ah-, like lift buttons? I LOVE buttons that look round and gothic!
Kudou: I LOVE Komaba Ichirou from "Silver Spoon"!
Michishige: For Sayumi, a person devoted to Sayumi would be great. A person who persists! A person who won't drift to the young ones3  (lol)

1 Slight ambiguity issue - Duu doesn't actually say that it's her, so it's entirely possible that the brother is the person who is 'always the one in charge of eating the chocolates'. In fact, that might be the more prudent translation. However, given that it's a transcript, and I can imagine how it's possible to interpret it that way given that it was originally spoken, I chose the more compelling story.
2 But I thought Sayu's only friends when she was small were pill bugs
3  Sayu's 2012 birthday T-shirt:
In the end, Michishige
I drifted to the young ones, but I came back.
As a bonus, here's my favourite shot from that magazine:

Ref: 2ch Matome

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