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FANxTACTICS: MM vs the fans

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Edit: Youtube, if you prefer. I know I do, but it's more likely to get taken down.

It's MoMusu vs their fans!

Introducing the fans:
The walking MoMusu databank, Hasegawa. He has collections of magazines, sorted on his iPad. And he collects their TV appearances - 15 years over 700 DVDs.
MoMusu look-up queen Narusawa. She'll check out their blogs for 3 hours daily. She has confidence with Michishige-related questions.
Then we have Tokyo U graduate, MoMusu master Ueno. Maths teacher at a prep school. He's complied about 600 self-made questions about MoMusu.

The pros will ask trivia questions. The fans have to answer 4 to win, but they lose if they get 4 wrong. But there is also a special rule - there are questions for which there is no correct answer, or the question itself is wrong. In order to get those questions correct, the fans will have to choose to keep silent.

Q1. Up to now, there have been 34 members in Morning Musume. Among all those members, there is one month in which no member celebrates their birthday. Which month is it?
A1. This is actually a Silent question.

The fans note the birthdays of the MM in front of them, commenting that they're born in the summer months.
Ishida is in Jan, Mikitty in Feb, Oda-chan March. Ueno's satisfied face at recalling that last one makes everyone laugh.
They decided to answer 'April'. And get it wrong.
It's pointed out that Yoshizawa Hitomi is the April member. To their credit, April's the only month with only one representative. The fans apologise.

Q2. A brief clip of a concert carried out at the Budokan will be played. Name all of the members who participated in that concert.
The clip is one of Yaguchi going 'Sexy Beam!~' for about 2 seconds.
A2. It's the 2000 Autumn Ichii Sayaka graduation concert, Dancing Love Site, and the 1st concert appearance of the 4th gen. 
Nakazawa, Iida, Abe, Yaguchi, Yasuda, Ichii, Gomaki, Tsuji, Kago, Charmy, Yossie.

Hasegawa narrows it down based on Budokan performances, since there are limited numbers of those.
Yaguchi left in 2005. 1st Budokan was in 2000, there none in 2001 or 2002, and the next one was Ishikawa's grad in 2005, after Yaguchi left, which leaves 2000.
And with that, the girls ask him jokingly to stop his smug smile of satisfaction.
They then choose to answer, giving out the tour name and listing down all 11(!) members participating in that concert.

Eripon suggests trying something beyond MM and venturing into H!P.
Q3. Please name all 7 shuffle units that were on the 2009 album "Champloo 1"
A3. High-King, Zoku Biyuuden, Aa!, ZYX-α, Shin MiniMoni, Pucchimoni V, Tanpopo#
The fans name all 7 without a hitch. Narusawa mentions that she loves Zoku Biyuuden.

Then we have a letter from the man himself, Tsunku!
"This is Tsunku
Are you all doing your best~?
If you lose
100 laps around the grounds
I'll leave it to you"
Host: Do you often run on the grounds?

Sayu chooses a Sayumin-related question.
Q4. Please line up these iPhone cases of mine from which I used first
A4. This is actually a silent question, since the iPhone she was holding in photo C was borrowed (from RihoRiho)

Narusawa can generally line up the other cases with the songs - the B was around Ai no Gundan, the Cinamonroll in D is quite early, and the bears in A - but she doesn't have confidence in C.
They choose to answer, which means that they've got it wrong already. They do get the true ones in correct order though.
Looks like knowing too much doesn't help XD

Q5. We will play 5 MM songs at the same time. Please name them.
A5. It's silent, there's a S/mileage song included

And the fans keep silent, getting their 3rd point.
Iida points out that it's an embarrassment to get to the stage where they're one away from losing.

Q6. Arrange the subleaders in MM's history by how long they've been subleaders, shortest term first
A6. Aichan -> Yossie -> Fukuhime & Harunan -> Yaguchi -> Yasuda -> Mikitty -> Gaki

They miss out Yaguchi and Mikitty, though they do get the ones they mentioned in the correct order

Q7. Listen to the recording. What year (in AD) was this concert held?
"(single voice) Everyone gathered at Yokohama Arena, good evening.  (Everyone) We are Morning Musume!"
A7. 2010's Rival Survival

Host: I have no idea. (snaps head towards fans) Do you guys actually know?
They agree that the voice at the start was Ai-chan's. {Not exactly helpful, longest tenure as leader and all.} And Hasegawa points out that the Yokohama Arena concert was in 2010. Tsuji's already hanging her head. Heck, they don't just get it correct, they throw in the concert title as well.

Iida: With your answers coming out steadily, you guys are really computers

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