Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Momo talks about her graduation thesis

Momo talks about her graduation thesis on her radio show, Momoko no Puri Puri Princess. A rough summary:
First, she talks about her life as a student coming to an end in March.
Title: The world of the heart of a disabled person
Then she comments on her thesis - she's completed it, and handed it in. With 20 000 characters, it went over 50 pages and looked like a contract.
Her thesis was on disabled people, particularly the status of those in a persistent vegetative state - people who have some form of awareness but can no longer move.
She interviewed their families, who were at times in despair, or pointing out things like "Sensei, their leg moved."
She switched out of the heavy topic with a mention that typing it up was extremely difficult. {She has mentioned before that she's the kind that types using a single finger, after all.}
She closes by talking about the 2nd year primary school students whom she had taught during her practical training, now about to enter their 4th year, only 2 years left until their graduation. After exclaiming about them having grown up, she mentions that she'd like to go for their graduation.

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  1. You wouldn't happen to know where I could find the entire radio shows for Puri Puri Princess, would you?

    1. Sadly, no.

      There's an official on-demand thing, but I think it's IP restricted to purchases from Japan:

      Otherwise, the following page has summaries in Japanese for most of the episodes:
      Just look for the two huge links.

  2. What is her degree? I really want to know.

    1. Education, or something related to that. I believe that her goal is to obtain a teaching licence.