Saturday, 8 February 2014

ManoEri handshake event Twitter updates

I've safely boarded the Shinkansen from Osaka!!!
I'm heading to Nagoya
While listening to music.
Everyone who's coming to the handshake event,
Can you make it for 3 pm?!?! (´・ω・`)
Please take care k >_<

The hand shake event in Nagoya, Hoshino Bookstore Kintetsu Pass'e store has come to an end!
Thank you very much for coming in this weather ^ ^
Everyone, please be careful when going home k (´・Д・)」

The 『Mano Erina Calendar & Photobook 』 event at Nagoya・ Hoshino Bookstore-san、 has come to an end without incident!
Since the début at Hoshino Bookstore-san、 it has been a while since there was an event、 but in the heavy snow、 a lot of came。
Thank you very much‼︎

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