Saturday, 8 February 2014

MoMusu。 Sayashi Riho、 vows “Overthrowing・AKB48”! 「Wouldn't it be great to gradually enter a new era」

Morning Musume。'14 showing signs
that they're making another break for themselves
Member of idol group Morning Musume 。'14 Sayashi Riho talked enthusiastically about "Overthrowing・AKB48”.

The group changed its name this year,  and MoMusu。is now making another break for themselves. That MoMusu。 will be adorning the cover of girl's music magazine 『GiRLPOP 2014 SPRING』(M-On! Entertainment), on sale the 7th, and in it, Sayashi responded in the interview, "For me, I think I want to change the history of the idol world. I think it's amazing how currently the age of AKB48 has continued on for quite a number of years, but because I think 'wouldn't it be great to gradually enter a new era', I want to work hard to alter that history," along with the burning ambition to  "recapture the throne", "Since I think that there isn't another idol group who can continue their history while replacing their members, leveraging on that characteristic, I think we want to stir up a new generation of the idol world," she told us of her goal from now on.

Along with the release of their new single 「Egao no Kimi ha Taiyou sa/ Kimi no Kawari ha Iyashinai/What is LOVE?」 on the 29th of last month, which took the first place in the Oricon weekly ranking when it made its chart début, the group achieved their first 4-consecutive first places record. The record held from the time Abe Natsumi, Goto Maki were members was broken, so can the the presence of this MoMusu。, displaying all of their vigour, stand at the summit of the rival-packed idol world, commencing with AKB and MomoClo ――。


{It's the year of battle, and it looks like RihoRiho has declared war}

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