Sunday, 8 November 2015

Momochi, welcome back! Also, let's get to know the new Country Girls!

On Thursday, Country Girls celebrated the anniversary of their formation, where we received some huge news concerning Country Girls:

Momochi has officially recovered!!!

That's right, she's been given the okay from the doctors to continue with her singing activities!

For those not in the know, everyone's idol was diagnosed with vocal cord polyps. She took a break for a while, but slowly recovered to the point where she could appear at events in as a MC. She even joined in a Halloween Parade. But as of Thursday, she's officially made her singing comeback.

Of course, I'm sure that all of us will gladly welcome back the presence of the Playing Manager, a paragon of stability in these turbulent times.

Also, another related and similarly momentous announcement was made on that day as well: Momochi would be growing the ranks of her loli minions Country Girls would be welcoming two new members from the H!P Kenshuusei - Yanagawa Nanami and Funaki Musubu. Just as a yardstick, both girls are slightly older than Momochi's idol career. While Funakki is a familiar face, Yanagawa Nanami's fairly new. In a bid to get to know them better, I'll be translating a little Q&A done by them, from the Kenshuusei portion of November 2015's Top Yell coverage of the September Nama Tamago Show!

Funaki Musubu
Born 10th May 2002
O blood type
From Osaka
Hobbies: Computer
Special Skill: Skipping
Nickname: Funakki

Your goals and aspirations for the September Nama Tamago Show!?
I'm aware that I always dance in a big way, but this time around I wanted to keep in mind that I should dance conservatively, dance flexibly.

To what extent did you achieve those goals?
I jumped way more than usual, so I don't think that I danced flexibly.

Your thoughts about the concert?
I always slip up at the steps for the chorus of 'Egao Yes Nude', so I'm thankful that I succeeded.

Who is your rival in the H!P Kenshuusei?
Danbara Ruru-chan

Who is the H!P senpai you respect?
Miyamoto Karin-san. Because I love her singing, she's the image of an idol for me.

What are your own strong points and weak points?
My strong point is that I'm cheerful! My weak point is that my limbs aren't long (laughs).

Your own dreams and vision with regards to your début?
I'd like to début in a new unit, and become a group that can sing beautifully in unison!

Yanagawa Nanami
Born 6th January 2002
A blood type
From Kanagawa prefecture
Hobbies: Reading, Singing, Internet surfing
Special Skill: Alto sax

Your goals and aspirations for the September Nama Tamago Show!?
Bringing up the volume of my voice when singing and raising my facial expressions. For dancing, to make up for my small body, my goal was to dance even bigger than anyone!!!

To what extent did you achieve those goals?
I got nervous on-stage and my voice didn't really come out... However, I think I was able to think about the meaning of the lyrics in my own way and sing them packed with feeling!!! I danced in a big way, but I'd like to add more control to my dancing.

Your thoughts about the concert?
At the September Nama Tamago Show!, I got to participate together with the senpai in a group song performance, it was really nerve-wracking... I was really glad that I was able to do the male role for 'Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~' with Kaga Kaede-san and Danbara Ruru-san ♥ For that song, I received a fluffy winged muffler from Kaga Kaede-san, that made me really happy and left a big impression on me ♥ Also, a lot more people called out my name compared to the previous Nama Tamago Show!, and it really made me happy and thrilled to receive their great cheers!!!

Who is your rival in the H!P Kenshuusei?
Funaki Musubu-san (Though I'm humbled by her...!)

Who is the H!P senpai you respect?
Michishige Sayumi-san and Miyamoto Karin-san. Michishige-san is what led me to aim for becoming a Hello! Project idol. The first time I saw Michishige-san on TV, she was so cute, she had such an impact on me that I felt like I would stop breathing... She was also really funny when it came to talking, so I really respect her. I think that as an 'idol', Miyamoto-san is truly perfect. She's really good at singing and dancing. Watching Miyamoto-san, it makes me feel like 'I've got to work harder!' Actually, every time I meet her, she's really kind to me, which makes me like her even more and more. She's my goal, I really respect her as an idol, and also as a person.

What are your own strong points and weak points?
My strong points are that I treat anything positively, and I enjoy making people happy ♥ I love picking out presents for friends and family! My weak point is my horrible figure. I don't think that my arms and legs are short, but my face is big, and I have issues about my short neck... However, recently I've been thinking positively that it's one of my characteristics!

Your own dreams and vision with regards to your début?
If I get to début, I'd be happy if I could début in a group together with my favourite Funaki Musubu-san. Also, this is my personal dream, but if I could someday go for a meal with Michishige Sayumi-san and Miyamoto Karin-san... Just imagining it has got me way too excited (laughs). As my ultimate goal, I'd like to become someone who's called the 'Hello! Project's Ace', an idol that doesn't just receive the support of those who cheer on Hello! Project, but also the support from various people of all ages and sizes! I think that it would be great to challenge variety and and stage-acting, and make a lot of appearances on television! I'm begging for your kindness from now on ♥♥♥

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