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Influential senpai (H!P Maruwakari Summer 2015)

The HaroPuro MaruWakari Books are released in conjunction with the twice-yearly Hello! Con tours. The contents usually take the form of questionnaires to the members, mainly asking about other members.

This one, which came out for the 2015 Summer Hello! Cons, would be the first without Berryz Kobo, and the first with Kobushi and Tsubaki Factories. As new entries into H!P, the members of the two Factories also got a 'New Face Maruwakari Special', which has additional questions for the girls.

Q5. Senpai who had an influence on me

Yajima Maimi: Yasuda Kei-san. When ℃-ute was formed, we had the opportunity to discuss the topic of global warming though a play, but before the performance, we weren't concentrating and were having laughs. At the time, she told us off, 'You're not going to get the meaning across'. She taught us how to get the message through. We really felt her passion.

Nakajima Saki: Takahashi Ai-san. I respect everything about her! When she was flourishing in Morning Musume。, her singing, her dancing, the way she dealt with the staff, it left an impression on me. Now she's flourishing in the field of fashion, which makes me think about how important it is, the way you accumulate things every day.

Suzuki Airi: Takahashi Ai-san. When it comes to this, I won't waver. I love her personality and her looks, but above all, I was enchanted by the way she performed. When I say I love her, I don't say it lightly. I respect her. Athough I'd like to surpass her, I also wish that she would always be walking ahead of me! That's the kind of senpai she is.

Okai Chisato: Fujimoto Miki-san!! I love her singing, and I love her personality too~♥ Even now, I love her, of course!!

Hagiwara Mai: Goto Maki-san! I've always looked up to her. I love her even now.

Q5. Senpai who had an influence on me

Fukumura MizukiTakahashi Ai-san, Niigaki Risa-san, Michishige Sayumi-san, Tanaka Reina-san, Mitsui Aika-san. The senpai when the 9ki joined. They really taught us so many things immediately after we joined. I'm really grateful that I was able to learn from fellow Morning Musume。 from up-close. I'm filled with gratitude!!

Ikuta Erina: Niigaki Risa-san. Even now, I'll always like her, I respect her as a person. I always think that each and every one of her words are lovely. I'd like us to hang out together, it's been a while ♥

Sayashi Riho: Takahashi Ai-san. She's a senpai with which I've experienced 'The joy singing and dancing from the bottom of your heart~!' In my activities, I think that I too should perform with a passion that won't lose to her!

Suzuki Kanon: Tanaka Reina-san. It surprised me that there was someone who was able to sing so clearly, without missing a note! My goal is to be able to sing like Tanaka-san, without wavering.

Iikubo Haruna: Michishige Sayumi-san. I thought about becoming a member of Morning Musume。because Michishige-san was there, she's everything I admire. I'm now doing my best to develop expressive power that wouldn't lose to Michishige-san. She's the person I like the most in my life!!

Ishida Ayumi: Michishige Sayumi-san. The way she lived was cool. It's my pride to have done activities together with Michishige-san, it's the thing that I can boast about the most. The feelings of the fans, the feelings she had for the members, she taught us with a lot of love, I'll always look up to her.

Sato Masaki: Takahashi-san, Tanasatan. I'll definitely go beyond them!

Kudo Haruka: Michishige Sayumi-san. I really respect her. As a person, as an idol, she's perfect. There are lots of things about her I respect, like her facial expressions and her presentation techniques.

Oda Sakura: Michishige Sayumi-san! During '14, we were closest to Michishige-san as members of the same group, and getting to see Michishige-san, everything about her always stirred my heart!!

Ogata HarunaTanaka Reina-san. I really like her singing and I respect her.

Nonaka Miki: The truth is that I found out about Morning Musume。 through MiniMoni。's Tsuji Nozomi-san. If Tsuji-san hadn't been around, perhaps I wouldn't be here either!?

Makino Maria: Michishige Sayumi-san ♥ She's Maria's eternal goal, Michishige Sayumi-san is who I admire.

Haga Akane: Kudo Haruka-san ♥ When I watched the MV for 'Pyoko Pyoko Ultra', I thought 'How cute!!' and then she cut her hair after that, and I was like 'Ah, how cool ♥'. That's Kudo-san for you ♥ She's amazing.

Q5. Senpai who had an influence on me

Wada Ayaka: The age of Morning Musume。-san when Takahashi Ai-san was leader. I'll eternally admire them.

Fukuda Kanon: Abe Natsumi-san. I respect everything about her. Abe-san herself is a true idol. An angel.

Nakanishi Kana: Takeuchi Akari-chan. Because she encouraged me, someone who had a truckload of things that I didn't know when I first joined. Even now, she influences me through her performances, I respect her as a person!!

Takeuchi Akari: Shimizu Saki-san. Watching Shimizu-san made me want to be able to dance like Shimizu-san too, which made me work hard at dancing.

Katsuta Rina: Takahashi Ai-san, Michishige Sayumi-san, Natsuyaki Miyabi-san. I admire their performances on-stage and their normal, kind personalities.

Tamura Meimi: Shugo Chara Egg. It was because of that group that I came to like S/mileage and H!P.

Murota Mizuki: Suzuki Airi-san. Her facial expressions, singing, looks, her everything, there's always something to learn!

Aikawa Maho: Hagiwara Mai-san. Her looks are adorable, you feel like she's pretty much 'the idol'.

Sasaki Rikako: Takahashi Ai-san. I'll always always respect her, throughout my life. She's so cool that it gives me goosebumps to watch videos of her Morning Musume。 era. That's why I admire her!

Q5. Senpai who had an influence on me

Miyazaki YukaMichishige Sayumi-san and Yajima Maimi-san. I respect how serious they are, constantly thinking about the fans who cheer us on. You can look forward to their hairstyle changes in the middle of concerts, and through their blog posts, they politely tell things even to the people they normally wouldn't be able to meet. I'd like to become like the both of them!

Kanazawa Tomoko: Suzuki Airi-san. I respect that she really loves singing., Her thoughts, attitude, and efforts towards singing are cool, it always makes me think that I have to do my best!

Takagi Sayuki: Tanaka Reina-san! To an extreme level.... She's the person I owe the most to. Even now, I'm under her care. She's a senpai I love and adore!!

Miyamoto Karin: Niigaki Risa-san. Niigaki-san's concern towards her kouhai was really impressive. She says things that are sometimes strict, and sometimes gentle. She's always cool, I love her!!

Uemura Akari: Sayashi Riho-san. Sayashi-san's dancing shocked me, like 'You can do it this way?', and I joined the H!P Kenshuusei.

Q5. Senpai who had an influence on me

Tsugunaga Momoko: Yasuda Kei-san ♥ Whatever you say, her heart doesn't get discouraged. Like the sight of her being happy despite being trated like a granny...... I'm fine if I don't become like Yasuda-san (laughs), but I really respect her ♥

Yamaki RisaMichishige Sayumi-san!! I really like the way she thinks、Michishige-san is at the core of the way I think as an idol. That in order to make sure she knows just what she should do, she puts in efforts where it can't be seen, it's irresistible!

Inaba ManakaFormer S/mileage Maeda Yuuka-san. In my mind, there's no idol that surpasses Maeda-san! That said, it's not an exaggeration to say that she's a person I love. An idol in the midst of idols. Everything about her was cute, she was like an angel.

Morito ChisakiSayashi Riho-san. Watching Sayashi-san and Takahashi Ai-san and Niigaki Risa-san dance 'Moonlight night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~', they were tremendously cool..... I thought 'I'd like to dance and sing in such a cool manner!' I really look up to her.

Ozeki Mai: Sugaya Risako-san ♥ We had very few opportunities to stand on-stage together, but I love everything about Sugaya-san. Particularly her singing voice that had both coolness and cuteness, she really was amazing.

Q5. Senpai who had an influence on me

Fujii RioTamura Meimi-san. When we were doing the S/mileage addition auditions, she was the one I was closest to, but now she's become a distant presence......I'd like to be able to sing with as much punch as Tamura-san's singing.

Hirose Ayaka: Niigaki Risa-san. Her singing had an impact!

Nomura MinamiWada Ayaka-san. The first time an event was held for 'Dot Bikini' , Wada-san was right in front of my eyes. Watching her cute and brilliant performance, it was amazing!! It had an effect on me.

Ogawa RenaI look up to Sugaya Risako-san. While she's super cute, she's entirely different when she brings out her deep, low voice to sing. I really look up to her.

Hamaura AyanoI respect Tsugunaga Momoko-san's high level of professional awareness.

Taguchi NatsumiTakahashi Ai-san was the senpai I looked up to until she graduated. Her dancing and singing were wonderful, and during the Hello!Cons, Takagi Sayuki-chan and me would copy her from the wings of the stage. And then it made me happy to be taught by her, 'This is what you do here'. I also admire Suzuki Airi-san, I'd like to become someone like her.

Wada SakurakoSugaya Risako-san. Her singing is cool, but she can do cute songs cutely, I admire her.

Inoue ReiTsugunaga Momoko-san. When you tell her she's cute, she replies with a 'Thank you very much', in the sense that denying it would be denying the other person's tastes. I respect her for taking responsibility over each and every word!

Q5. Senpai who had an influence on me

Ogata RisaSayashi Riho-san. I've looked up to Sayashi-san ever since she joined as a 9ki member of Morning Musume。 She's an idol, but her attractive parts are really captivating, and when it comes to singing and dancing, even though she's the same age as me, she's so good that I can't even begin to compare. It would be great if I could bring out my attractive parts like Sayashi-san.

Yamagishi RikoAll of ℃-ute-san. The first time I saw their performance, my eyes followed them until the very end, and it surprised me that they did things that couldn't be done by normal idols. I've always respected them since then, and I work hard thinking I want to become like ℃-ute-san! I love them!

Niinuma KisoraFujimoto Miki-san and Matsuura Aya-san. Because the both of them are good at singing, and their auras are amazing!

Tanimoto AmiTsugunaga Momoko-san. When she talks, you end up listening really attentively. I respect her, she's really amusing. It's amazing how really steadfast her character is.

Kishimoto YumenoBerryz Kobo-san. It gave me a jolt that they messed around seriously. All 7 of them had their own colours, but when they were all together, they were so cool that it was overwhelming.

Asakura KikiTakahashi Ai-san. Takahashi-san's expressiveness in 'Naichau Kamo' stole my heart away. Her singing is cool, and she has a rich variety of facial expressions, so I'd like to try it out to see if I too could copy her.

Notes and observations:

  • So who got mentioned the most?
    10Takahashi Ai
    9Michishige Sayumi
    5Tanaka Reina
    4Niigaki Risa
    3Tsugunaga Momoko, Sugaya Risako, Suzuki Airi, Sayashi Riho

    It should probably come as no surprise that the heavyweights of the Platinum era rank highly. Note that I'm taking Ayacho's answer as Takahashi, although Platnium era might be a more accurate description. Personally, I wish that there was more representation from BeriKyuu, but Morning Musume。 does have the longer history. It's interesting to note that Sayashi's been around long enough that she's actually hit that level.
  • How about we do it by group then? Morning Musume。will obviously be the front-runner, so let's make a breakdown by generation:
    Morning Musume。40
    - Founders1
    - 2ki2
    - 3ki1
    - 4ki1
    - 5ki14
    - 6ki16
    - 8ki1
    - 9ki3
    - 10ki1
    Berryz Kobo (includes Momochi)9
    - Founders2
    - 2ki2
    Country Girls (basically Momochi)3
    Others (Shugo Chara Egg)1

    So for arguments sake, you could argue that 6ki is the most influential generation. Kamei's the only one that doesn't get mentioned. 5ki comes close, but with only Aichan and Niigaki representing. BeriKyuu aren't slouches either.
  • Most out-of-the-box answer for me was Kananan naming Take-chan. They're technically from the same generation, but Take-chan came in with about 3 years of Egg experience. Others are Meimi naming Shugo Chara Egg, and Niinuma naming two soloists.
  • While Kirarin Revolution is often touted as the gateway drug that led to a number of existing members getting interested in Hello! Project, it's perhaps noteworthy that no one named Miracle-chan Kusumi.
  • Let's also take a look at the nominations on a group basis:

  • ℃-ute: While there were other choices such as T&C, Coconuts Musume。, Country Musume。, Melon Kinenbi, Sheki-dol, and a handful of H!P soloists, Musume。 dominates. With 5 generations of senpai Morning Musume。preceding the Kids, their choices come from the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th(?). Okai-chan's choice of Mikitty forces a bit more explanation - Mikitty was a soloist before the H!P Kids were formed. It was only after the H!P Kids had been established that the 6th gen joined, and Mikitty became a Musume。 with them.
  • Morning Musume。: Now, you may ask if Fuku-chan has forgotten the face of her father abandoned everyone's idol Momochi. But this isn't about the senpai that you admire, this is about the senpai that had an influence on you. If you take a closer look at the answers of the 9th-11th gen, you'll see that they all name the senpai who were there when they joined, who had a direct role in their development.
  • ANGERME: Here we see a radically different turn. ANGERME made the most varied choices in terms of groups, with Morning Musume。s from the 1st, 5th, and 6th mentioned. Heck, if you count Mizuki's stint as a Shugo Chara Egg, then you'd have a 9th. Also props again to Kananan for choosing someone from the same gen.
  • Juice=Juice: No surprises here, this is basically the senpai they look up to.
  • Country Girls: Momo goes old school. Manakan's answer was fairly surprising, as Yuuka was quite the candle in the wind. It's nice to see that she's remembered.
  • Kobushi Factory: Bucking the trend as the only group that named more people from a non-Musume。 group. Plus, it's Berryz. The girls really did inherit the Berryz spirits.
  • Tsubaki Factory: Actually, Niinuma names Ayaya and Mikitty in the same sentence, and that makes me think of Mikitty from a soloist aspect rather than a Musume。Had I done that, there'd be a 3-way tie between Musume。, Berryz, and 'Others'. Seems like they've partially inherited the Berryz spirits XD Also, two of them named groups rather than people.

Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project Hello! Project 2015 SUMMER - DISCOVERY CHALLENGER - Complete Edition / Hello! Project

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