Sunday, 3 November 2013

Strongest Cute Weird Idol

Strongest Cute Weird Idol

Suzuki Airi

Idol points 97/100
Strange movement points 90/100
Pun points 88/100

Suzuki Airi (C-ute)
"Airi" acts as the ace of Hello! Project's number one live artisan group C-ute. 
Style, dance, singing ability, idol aura ... In all of them, she's number one.
However, while having those super idol attributes, during MCs and live events her mumbling~ and strange movements appear.
Those "movements" are her charm. 
Pay lots of attention to it!
In addition, at times gut-wrenching puns will appear!
All in all, check her out.
You'll be charmed!

011 最強にキュートで奇妙な愛ドル
アイドル度 97/100
奇妙な動き度 90/100
ダジャレ度 88/100


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