Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sato Maa called leader Michishige an old lady lololololololololololololololololololololololol

Nov 24th Pacifico Yokohama 
Sato: I said to the salesperson when I went to Loft that I wanted their strongest spray, one that wouldn’t come off when I was sweating at a concert
"The strongest ~ I don’t really know which one that would be ~ I think it might be this one~" I was told, so I bought it and it’s amazing
Even after entering the bath 2-3 times it doesn’t come off and I don’t need to do it again
Michishige: 2-3 years!?
Sato: 2-3 times. Are you hard of hearing? (Audience laughs, Sato and Michishige draw closer to an embrace)
Michishige: You said 2-3 years, didn’t you!?
Sato: I didn’t say that~, I said 2-3 times~!
Michishige: You didn’t say (2-3 times)~! (Audience laughs at childish quarrel)
Iikubo: Erm, she said 2-3 times (Michishige stamps her feet at this sudden betrayal from a loyal subject)
Sato: You’re an old lady, an old lady (due to your poor hearing)
Kudou: You shouldn’t call her an old lady


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