Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Sawayaka Sayaka (Shounen Champion)

Sayaka, more refreshing than the morning dew ♥
Rapidly advancing through the Senbatsu Sousenkyo!!
Kami 7 girl ♥
Yamamoto Sayaka [NMB48&AKB48]

Sosenkyo Q&A with Sayanee

Q. You've made great progress and entered the Kami7!! Please give us a comment!!
A. Honestly, I never thought that I'd get to this position.

Q. What do you think is 'the charm of Yamamoto Sayaka' that makes the fans support you?
A. My straight-forwardness...?

Q. What is something you'd like to do by the time the next Sousenkyo rolls around?
A. Always being myself whether in Kanto or Kansai!!
I'd like to promote NMB48 even when I'm working by myself ♥

Today, it's quite pure (laughs)
The top, it feels very merry
'Since shoes that get damp will stink, please be careful'

'From now on I'd like to return the love and favour of love and gratitude to everyone ♥'

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