Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Twitter Tidbits #3

On songs that bring to mind the summer

Since someone tweeted that 「Natsu remember you」 had the scent of summer's end、 I reread the lyrics, and it talks about a pretty deep view of life。 With the age of those girls at the time、 I get the feeling that they had completely no idea what it meant・・・

A conversation on old songs
{This was an extended Twitter conversation involving Sashihara Rino, Umeda Ayaka, and Tsunku♂ himself. To reduce the clutter, I'm only going to put up a few tweets from the conversation.}
@345__chan: I love Melon Kinenbi's heart-rending songs
@AyakaUmeda: Me tooooooー I love Kousuiiiiii
@345__chan: Eh, seriously, Sashihara is listening to Kousui right now! The songs 'Kirai、 Suki Suki Suki Honto、 Uso Uso Uso' and 'Aishite ha Ikenai…' I recommend those songs!
@tsunkuboy: I'm googling up those songs・・・
@AyakaUmeda: It's Tsunku-sannnnn!! There's nothing but godly songsーーーー

@AyakaUmeda: Matsuura Aya-chan'ssssss
@345__chan: Those would definitely be Tsunku-san's heart-rending songs!!
@345__chan: If it's Tsunku-san's songs, 'Suki ni naccha ikenai Hito' is a good song too
@tsunkuboy: I recommend this for Matsuura {Note: Link is for lyrics to Ayaya's 'Machiawase'}

KanaTomo on entertaining herself
Good afternoon
This is Kanazawa Tomoko。
I'm now on a trip in my daydreams。
In my mind, I've gone to Gifu
The Hida beef is delicious!
Next I'll be going to Wakayama prefecture。
Plums plums plums ♡  
…Let's do our best the rest of the day〜 lol

Tsunku♂ on the S/mileage Budokan concert

It's been a while since I've been at a live performance。
I was at S/mileage's first independent Budokan concert。
It's become a huge memory for all of the members and the fans。
But for me, I was really moved and overcome with emotion。
I'm grateful for everything。
Thank you。
Well、 I feel that the member's remarks for their final MC were long、 but you could that even that's something charming about them、Yurushite-Tsun。

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