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Fukumura Mizuki 2nd PB 'Utakata' Press Conference

Fukuhime held a press conference for her 2nd photo book 'Utakata' on the 3rd of July, just before its release commemoration handshake event.

You've come out with this photo book, how are its contents?
I'm now seventeen. And probably,  I think a seventeen year old is slightly mature, in clothes and expressions. I think we captured a lot of those expressions that I wouldn't be able to pull off any other time.

Where was the photo shoot done?
We did it in Okinawa.

How was Okinawa?
Okinawa has this image of being warm, but the photo shoot was in February, it was really cold, it was pretty cold under the shade. I underestimated Okinawa. Next time I go to Okinawa, I'll bring something long-sleeved, a parka or something.

Did you get to enjoy a lot of things?
I've been to Okinawa before on a family trip, and I really enjoyed the Souki soba. I was looking forward to that, and I was really glad I got to eat it. Also, the sea was beautiful.

The contents are pretty bold, aren't they?
That's right. At the clothes fitting, I was like 'Ah, I'll be wearing these sort of clothes?' My own member image, my member colour, is pink, and I hardly ever wear darker colours like purple. But this time around, there are many clothes like in purple, so that was a bit surprising.

The level of exposure is pretty high. Weren't you embarrassed?
I was embarrassed. But for the photo shoot, I wanted to show off more emotions compared to the previous book, enjoying myself, relaxing. I tried my best.

But you're in charge of sexiness?
Yeah, I'm often told that. (laughs)

Being in charge of sexiness in MM.'14, how many points would you give this work?
Eh? How many points? Since there are a lot of Morning Musume. senpais who have come out with even sexier ones, I've still got a ways to go.

Are you aiming for to be the number one in the history of Morning Musume.?
(laughs) Well, if I could do it, I guess so? (laughs) I'd like to work hard at it

Favourite photo:
The one on the right, where she's holding a huge bowl of shaved ice.
This photo where I was eating shaved ice. This was taken on the final day. It was pretty hot on the day. And in that heat, I was really excited to get this huge shaved ice. I really like shaved ice, so I was happy to eat it. Also, my expressions on the other pages are really mature, but this photo is straight from the heart.

The other one's cute as well.
I'm sticking my tongue out. But my mother said that from afar, it looks like I've got lush lips.

Do you have anything you'd like to do this summer?
I really like Anpanman, so I'd like to go to the Anpanman museum. From the 5th of July, Yanase Takashi-san's final written work will be out as a movie. I'd like someone to go to the movie with, since it's kind of embarrassing to go alone. But I'd like to muster up the courage and bring myself to watch the movie. And go to the museum wearing the Anpanman parka and T-shirts I have.

You'd be embarrassed to go alone?
Since there aren't that many people who I can go together to watch it with. I'd love to go if I could find someone. (laughs)

Anpanman doesn't really suit the sexy image though.
I get told that a lot. Looks-wise, I look older than my real age, but my thoughts are really childish.

Michishige Sayumi will be graduating, so what are your current thoughts about that?
When I first heard it, it was real~ly sudden, so I didn't really feel anything. But now, we're having the Hello! Project concert rehearsals and individual photo shoots. There's this impending feeling of 'We're closing in on the last time that we can do this with Michishige-san'. I'd like it if we could enjoy it to the very end. And looking at Michishige-san doing her photo shoot, I'd also like to learn as much as possible by watching her.

Any talk about the next leader?
Based on age and number of years as a member, that would be me. But it's not my objective, and whoever it is, and I think everyone thinks the same way, that we have to tie together the history of Morning Musume., everyone wholeheartedly thinks that. So whoever it turns out to be, I think it'll be fine. With that, the nine of us plus the 12th gen will do our best.

It'll be a new start. Currently who's the Hello! Pro member that you most have your eyes on, if any?
There's someone I've really liked her from ages ago, and that is Berryz Kobo's Tsugunaga Momoko-san. I've really liked her since I was small, and if you were to ask me what I like about her, her aura of 'Look at me!' is amazing. From that aspect, it drew the younger me, I really liked her. I tend to not stand out, so I'd like to work harder at stepping out of the shadows, and putting myself forward like Tsugunaga-san.

What efforts have you put in that sense?
Originally, I was a lot gloomier. But when I got into Morning Musume., I gradually got brighter and brighter, more assertive. I guess I had this strong feeling of wanting to stand out. I think my cheeriness started to gradually come out.

It's almost Tanabata. What sort of wish would you write right now given the chance ?
If it'll definitely come true, I'd like to become cute (laughs). Our leader, Michishige-san is really cute. She can do cute plus sexy, or cool, she can bring out all sorts of expressions. I'm really jealous of that. I'm pretty expressionless, unable to pull off many expressions, I was careful about making them, but if I could do them cutely like Michishige-san, I'd like to become someone who's cuter than anyone else.

Closing words:
This went on sale on the 25th of May- Ah, did I slip up? - Sorry, the 25th of May, right? (From off-screen: June) Ah, sorry. (laughs) (From off-screen: That's quite off) It's just that point, it's just that point (laughs) So the 26th of June? (Off-screen: 25th) 25th.
Right, so this went on sale on the 25th of June, my 2nd photo book 'Utakata', please give it a look, I'm counting on you.

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