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Fukumura Mizuki: 50 Questions

On the 10th of July, Fukumura Mizuki held a talk event at the Hello! Project Official Shop in Akihabara, entitled 'Hello! Pro Shop One Thousand and One Nights ~The Eight Night~'. The opening half was '50 Questions for Fukumura Mizuki', while the concluding half was a release commemoration talk show for her recent photo book 'Utakata'. Below I cover the 50 questions.

For translations of previous entries in this series of Hello! Shop talk shows, see KanaTomo's (my trans, Jicchan's on the 50 questions) and Sayu's (excerpts from Wota in Translation).

Note that since most of these are based off tweets, they may not be fully accurate. And that's even before I start translating. Partly due to that, the answers will switch from first person to third person and back, depending on if I think the tweet fully represents her words. Quote marks will be used for first person.

Introduced as 'Morning Musume.'s gravure critic', Mizuki entered to the tune of 'Suki da na Kimi ga'.

Q1. At the end of a concert, when your body can't move, suppose the Anpanman characters appear and tell you, 'Please eat us'. Who would you eat?
She says what she really wants to eat at the end of concerts are fruits. She'd love to give Anpanman a try, and eat a chunk big enough to fit her hand, explaining that Anpanman's filling is the rougher, tsubuan paste.

Q2.   Please try making the Shisa pose you did in your photo book.
*Done on stage*

Q3. In Lilium, is there any other role besides Lindou you'd like to try out? And who'd be Lindou?
'Marguerite is really like an ojou-sama, and her songs are cute. Doesn't Sylvatica get to sing a lot? I'm jealous. I want to have Iikubo Haruna-chan to play the role of Lindou, as it really suits her.'

Q4. Of the places you've gone to with Eripon, what's the most memorable place?
'That would be the Anpanman museum in Yokohama. Normally Eripon would ask me out, and the decision of where to go to would be completely in her hands, places like Shibuya or Harajuku. Mizuki would just follow along. This was the first time that Mizuki made the decision for where we would go. I was worried that Eripon wouldn't enjoy it, but she was singing the Anpanman theme song throughout.'

Q5. If Fukumura-san were to become the leader, do you plan to continue referring to one another as 'chan' and go without honourifics among the 9-11th gen, like the Platinum era?
'Takahashi-san said that it was all right to call her "Ai-chan". But when I went through the effort of referring to her like that, I got told off by our manager-san. So I might not have the right to decide. There isn't really a sense of distance between the 9th-11th gen.'

Q6. What is the origin of the name 'Mizuki'?
'My father was picky about it being a single kanji. My mother wanted a name that could pass off as a guy's or a girl's. My grandma wanted the "ki" of my "Mizuki" to be written with the character for princess, but since I'd have to be like a princess, we didn't end up using it.'

Q7. What if you could do an all-girls solo event?
'I'd bring up the girls who had interesting fashion styles onto the stage and ask them questions like what their fashion point for the day was. Aren't they all cuter than Mizuki? At handshake events, they're all so cute and stylish.'

Q8. Please tell us the common sayings of the members?
The Mizuki call when she has solo parts in concerts. Doing 'ByePon' with Eripon when they're socialising.

Q9. You eat the vegetables from Ikuta-san's bento, but is anything taken in return?
'If there's broccoli, everyone gives it to me. Eripon chooses meat bentos, and even though I'm fine with fish, she recommends that I get meat as well. The members often ask for a bite. If I had to pick one, I'd choose meat, I guess.'

Q10. When will the 9th gen bus tour happen?
Mizuki had been asking the manager-san, but nothing's been decided. Last time they did it they were in middle school. She thinks that it would be difficult to do it as a high schooler this year, so she wants to do it next year.

Q11. Are you opposed to having your forehead out?
'I am. Since it doesn't suit me. Our make-up artist-san said that I was all right with my forehead showing. Since the hairstyles had been decided, I had no choice. It broke my heart to have my forehead completely bare in my second single "Only You".'

Q12. Who would you like to have a duet with?
'As the PonPon combi with Eripon. Tsunku♂-san seems to think our voices don't suit one another. The times when we sing as two groups of 5, it's a mess. Also, my voice and song selection overlap with Kudo Haruka-chan.'

Q13. Individually, the members of the 9th gen feel more level-headed, compared to the 10th gen. How has your generation changed from when you joined?
'Our own personalities have come out. Although Kanon-chan was always like that. Riho-chan and Mizuki kept to ourselves. And then Riho-chan started bursting out of her shell. For the 9th gen, we can clearly state our opinions, and we don't keep any secrets, so it's really comfortable when we're chatting with one another.'

Q14. Since you've become a high-schooler, what is your best subject and test mark?
'You all might not believe this, but I've got 100 marks before. For Japanese and English. Isn't that unexpected? Everyone thinks that Mizuki can't study, but I'm able to study ( ̄ー+ ̄*) *sparkle*'

Q15. Do you have any amusing episodes with the Kenshuusei you appeared with in Lilium and the spring tour?
She's been together with Tanabe Nanami-chan since they were Eggs. Since Nanamin was the oldest among the Kenshuusei, she had to be reliable and put them in order. But she turned back into the old, spoilt Nanami-chan when she was together with Takeuchi Akari-chan and Katsuta Rina-chan. Mizuki wishes her good luck with the responsibility she has to shoulder.
Also, Sasaki Rikako-chan's movements were amusing.

Q16. Tell us what was great about the Anpanman museum.
Entering the world of the anime. She was like a small kid entering into the world of Anpanman. She liked the character Dokin-chan and bought promotional items for it.

Q17. Something you want to fix about another Morning Musume. '14 member.
She wants to fix Maachan's habit of saying 'I'm going to lie' and telling a lie 5 seconds after.

Q18. If you were put together in a unit with Take-chan, what sort of outfits would you have, and what would be the unit name?
'At any rate, I want to do it together since we've got a good name. Since the two of us are Akari and Mizuki, the two of us would be called "GAM", for "Great Akari & Mizuki".'

Q19. What dish of yours are you proud of, and what dishes would you like to challenge yourself to cook?
She's only done it once before in home economics class, but she's proud of making meat-and-potato stew. She'd like to challenge herself to try making her mother's tamagoyaki, which are the sweet type. Her mother has a bento version of tamagoyaki as well as a side-dish version. The side-dish version is sticky.

Q20. Is there any Kenshuusei that's caught your eye? Preferably one that's joined this year.
'I have no idea~ I wonder who? Niinuma Kisora-chan suits having bangs above her eyebrows. Her outfit at the public self-diagnostic test was cute. She knows what suits her. Her voice was cute too. My eyes got drawn to her naturally.'

Q21. What can you be proud of as a Hello! Wota? What is something you think you can beat any other idol fan at?
What she's proud of is the time when someone mentioned that she understood the feelings of the fans. It made her glad to feel recognised. She thinks that her love for idols is the same level as the other fans.

Q22. What's an incident that made the ojou-sama character Fuku-chan feel like she was living in extravagance, like a celebrity, compared to other people?
'When I greet my father when he goes to and comes back from work. That makes me happy. It's not like it's a job or anything (laughs). I think that it's a luxury to have my father come back even though he has work. I'm thankful to both my parents for everything they've done for this daughter of theirs.'

Q23. Don't hold anything back: Is Takeuchi Akari-chan your favourite? Eripon? Momochi? Mano-chan? Funaki-chan?
'I don't think I've ever mentioned Funaki-chan... but isn't playing favourites something odd? You're asking me to pick a favourite among my friends, you know. Tsugunaga-san is who I look up to.Take-chan and Eripon are friends. Mano-chan is a ManoFriend.'

Q24. What would you do if you went to Okinawa in your own private time?
'I've been to Ishigaki Island and Taketomi Island with family. If I go there again I'd like to go to the Churaumi Aquarium. My family went to Okinawa when I was in Hawaii, and my brothers went surfing while my father went subca-diving.'

Q25. What are you bad with?
'Bugs. I ran away during an individual handshake event when a mosquito came in. I'd rather go to haunted places than eat bugs in a punishment game.'

Q26. Equate the members of Morning Musume. '14 to characters in Anpanman.
Michishige: Shirataki-hime. Looks beautiful in a kimono but fights to protect her companions.
Ikuta: SLman. Since she brings me along to all sorts of places.
Sayashi: Chibi-zou. Since she's loved by her mother.
Suzuki: Sakuramochi-san. Has a strong sense of justice
Iikubo: Parako-san. Because of her slim appearance.
Ishida: Karepanman. A strong, touchy, hot-tempered sense of justice. Also she'll become a partner after having fought with you.
Kudo: Shokupanman. Cool. Like the bread distributed to school cafeterias.
Oda: Sakura-chan. Understands the feelings of animals, seems like she can talk with the earth.
Sato: Poppo-chan. Since she freely goes anywhere.
Tsunku♂: Kechappurin. The way he tap dances while making a meal, that rhythm, it seems to fit.

Q27. What will happen when Michishige-san, the big boss of the pervert collection that is Morning Musume., graduates?
'The only pervert is Riho-chan. It's often said that I've got my eyes on the Kenshuusei, but that isn't the case.'

Q28. How far has your relationship with Take-chan gone? 
'We've hung out together, but we've never had sleepovers. We've seen each other off when being picked up by car. On New Year's Eve she sent handmade soba.'

Q29. Which Hello! Pro member would you like to take the initiative with?
'I apologise if I'm taking a bite at Tsugunaga-san, but I want her to do up her hair like she did for 'Want!' at a concert. Of course, I like the Momochi Musubi too though.'

Q30. For the Hawaii tour, what would you like to eat and where would you like to go?
She wants to go to Diamond Head. Since her family climbed up Diamond Head when they went to Hawaii when she wasn't around. What she wants to eat are pancakes where the Rokkies once went, and acai from their place of origin.

Q31. You say that you don't know the prices of your clothes, do you normally get clothes from department stores as a foreign buyer?
She's gone shopping with her father and mother. As a regular customer, her father was accompanied by the store assistant. So her father was like a foreign buyer. Previously they went to a store where they could reserve clothes beforehand.

Q32. Currently, what song do you want to sing solo?
'Matsuge no Saki ni Kimi ga Iru' (Mano Erina), 'Hey Mirai'

Q33. Which character in Anpanman would you equate Takeuchi Akari to?
'Akari-chan really resembles a certain character from somewhere else...'

Q34. What is the origin of your family name?
She's from Tokyo, but there were many in Okinawa. She'll try asking her parents once she gets home.

Q35. Does she have any memories of practising backstage besides Lilium?
Having a 'formation meal'. Since there was too much luggage in the dressing room, they sat in a line across the stairs and had their meal.

Q36. Did you get your pet dog Kurara to stand after Hello! Pro Time?
Kurara doesn't like the camera. But normally, when on walks, Kurara would often stand. Kurara would mistake salarymen for Mizuki's father and get close to them.

Q37. Mention 3 good things about Okai-san.
Voice: 'It's gentle and makes everyone around her happy'
Singing voice: 'The way she does her accents is cool'
Hagiwara-san and Okai-san: 'They're cute like Chip and Dale'

Q38. Where would you like to hold the 9th gen bus tour and what would you like to do?
She'd be happy just having one, wherever it would be. Fishing at a river. The 9th gen have discussed that they'd like to go to Yamanashi again.

Q39. What did you talk about back stage at Mano-chan's concert?
'I said that her T-shirt was cute. I'm jealous that she got to do her own design' (Great applause from wota for the indirect criticism of Cool Hello)

Q40. Have you had the chance to play the flute?
She doesn't have an instrument of her own since she's in the wind instrument club. Iikubo-san played the flute for the 'Yasai 1-nichi Kore 1-pon' app, so she borrowed it from her and played it. She'd also like to play the violin.

Q41. What do you do if you get hungry at night?
Sleep. If she has to endure it, then she gets in the bath.

Q42. Where would you go with Michishige-san?
The aquarium. At a previous MC, Michishige-san said that the things they would be looking at might be different. But she wants to follow along Michishige-san and see how Michishige-san appears when she's watching something.

Q43. What's something you dislike about Eripon?
She walks too fast.

Q44. If Michishige-san and Tsugunaga-san were drowning, who would you save?
'Sorry. That's impossible. I can't choose.'

Q45. Is there something you'd like to confess?
She'd like to apologise to her mother for spending ages in the bath when she gets home. She can stay in it for even an hour, messing around with her phone. 'I'm a kid of the present generation.'

Q46. Favourite Buono! song?
'I like all of them, but I likes songs with a school uniform feeling.'

{Note: My sources have two slightly different questions for #47, so here you go}
Q47a. Who do you prefer between Eripon and Take-chan? 
'They're both friends.'

Q47b. What's your relationship with Akari-chan?
'Like I said, we're friends'

Q48. What souvenirs did you get from the Anpanman museum?
Bread, a doll, and a T-shirt. She wanted to keep it a secret, but she bought a Shokupanman T-shirt because she likes him. She might put it up on the blog.

Q49. What are the charms of Tsugunaga-san?
'She shines. She puts herself forward with everything she's got. You can get it just by watching concert DVDs. I like it when her hair's down. Her skin is smooth. I'm not a pervert.'

Q50. Was the picture of you sticking out your tongue in the photo book your idea?
The flow of the conversation was that the syrup's colour had stained her tongue, and she stuck it out asking if it was red. The photo was taken at that time.

Sources:, @tozamasan, @haruka10ki

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