Tuesday, 15 July 2014

KanaTomo slimming down, gaining weight

From 6:25~

Maimi: I'd like to report some information about one of the members. It's about Juice=Juice's Kanazawa Tomoko-chan. Recently, Tsunku♂-san and the other staff-san have been saying that she's slimmed down. But actually, her weight has increased. That's the information that I've received.

Riko (having side-eyed Maimi, and drawn herself back): Yajima-san, is mentioning that kind of discussion between girls all right?

Maimi: (giggles) Probably. It'll be okay. Kanazawa-chan's definitely slimmed down, but she might've put on some muscle. That's what I think. I'm pretty sure that's the case. When you turn into an adult, there'll be all sorts of problems you'll have to face.

Riko: Right.


KanaTomo did mention that she bought some weight training equipment a few months back- so I guess that her efforts are bearing fruit.

All I wish is that Karin survives the carnage.


On another note, it does make me wonder whether the Agency is getting lax on mention on weight of late.

About 2 years ago, on Nakai Masahiro no Ayashii Uwasa no Atsumaru Toshokan (17th July 2012), they were investigating the policies of idol management companies. Momo revealed that she wasn't allowed to disclose her true weight, although she gave her standard answer, 'Equal to the weight of 29 peaches.'

Since then, starting early this year, Suzuki Kanon has been referring to herself as a chubby idol.
Also, recently there was an episode of ℃-ute Challenge TV where Nacky was trying to lose weight by dancing, and they clearly measured her weight before and after.
And you have Maimi's mention here...

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