Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Tsugunaga Constitution: Article 91 - 500 (9 articles)

{Whole list is here, previous summary is here}

91条 はみがき中は、しゃべらない
Article 91: Do not talk while brushing your teeth

102条 ~食パンはバターをぬってから焼く!~
Article 102: ~ Spread butter on bread before toasting it!~

132条 日記帳には、必ずカギをつける
Article 132: Make sure to lock your diary

147条 冬は、ストーブの近くの特等席をとるべし!
Article 147: Try to have a special seat near the heater during winter!

206条 ~ヘビの鳴き声をマネすることを禁止する~
Article 206: ~Mimicking a snake's cry is prohibited~

209条 毎日『絵だけ日記』をつける
Article 209: Every day, add to your 'picture diary'

214条 バレンタインにもらったチョコは、おいしくなくても「おいしい」と言うコト!
Article 214: When you receive chocolates for Valentine's, say that they're delicious even if they aren't!

231条 髪の結び目はアゲアゲで!
Article 231: Raise the places where you tie your hair!

500条 500円玉は新しいほうを使って古いほうはとっておく!!
Article 500: Use new 500 yen coins and reserve the old ones!!

{And that concludes all 36 known articles of the Tsugunaga constitution. Next up, I'll be doing the 260 articles of the New Tsugunaga Constitution}

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