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℃-ute in Big Comic Spirits 2013 #40 (16/09/2013)

[Top] The most aggressive idols currently! ℃-ute is appearing with a full complement of members! & A mysterious new series
[Pink words on side] A sudden cute blast of wind, the greatest!!!
[Speech bubble]You've been waiting ♥
[Centre] The first appearance of this 5 member line-up
Shots of the world's most cute x sexy dressing gown party ♥

[Red] Infiltrating for a real scoop
[Top]A relay to the ℃-ute monopolised meeting!!
[Bottom] In close contact with ℃-ute!! Flowers in full bloom!  Navels fully open!

℃-ute Meeting Start
Suzuki: For ℃-ute meetings, a lot of the time what ends up happening is that we end up talking idly for quite a while. On the day that we were informed of the Budokan, we met up at night and discussed our goals from then onwards
Nakajima: Since we couldn't decide on anything and were all scattered,  we ended up specifying the next one to be at Tokyo Dome
Hagiwara: But for the Budokan, I still don't know what to feel!
Okai: Indeed~. During the rehearsals, we'll probably feel it once we get on-stage~
Yajima: Even though we haven't started, I'm already nervous-!
Suzuki: Me too~. I wonder how many people will be coming. We've got 2 days, can we fill it?

[Profile] Nakajima Saki
5th Feb 1994, from Saitama prefecture
Height: 156 cm
Blood type: O
Hobby: Assembling handicrafts, shopping
Special skill: Currently looking for one
I'm good at looking things up. When us members are chatting and someone wants to know the meaning of something, I'm the person who loves quickly whipping out her iPhone and looking it up on the 'Net. You might say I'm diligent, but in reality I'm not really thinking about anything.

The World is Waiting for ℃-ute
Nakajima: But doesn't it make you glad when you hear that there are people who haven't come before, but are coming because it's the Budokan?
Hagiwara: That's true, since it's always been the place we've had our sights set on. For those who are close to us, up to those sitting distantly in the back, I want to make it a live performance that'll leave them with enjoyable memories
Yajima: Yup, splendid even before we stand on-stage!
Nakajima: I'm hiding the unease of standing on-stage, I've decided to make it a cool stage!
Okai: Since I want to make it a blast together with everyone who comes, I've been doing nothing but making sure to listen to the songs on our new album!
Suzuki: But, firstly I'm worried about the weather (Looks at famous ame-onna Yajima)
Yajima: What can we do, right...? (laughs)

[Profile] Yajima Maimi
7th Feb 1992, from Saitama prefecture
Height:166 cm
Blood type: O
Hobby: Making things
Special skill: Catch, Tongue twisters
My palate might have change when I turned twenty, I'd never eaten motsunabe nor beef entrails, but I came to like it when I went to eat them with Momochi (Tsugunaga Momoko) and Mano-chan (Mano Erina), and I've ended up going for them several times this year.

Queen of J-Pop
Yajima: On this album, each and every member has a song that features themselves...
Okai:  Singing them is difficult. There are a lot of lyrics, and we hope the people listening can understand their interpretations, so we have to discuss them before the live performance
Nakajima: Yup... With a wide world view, so that the members can speak of the lyrics, we've got to express our opinions like that
Yajima: Even more, there's also a song composed for the sake of Budokan, since Tsunku♂-san, the producer who knows everything about us, wrote it for out sake, we might cry while singing it
Suzuki: But, speaking of "If you're talking of ℃-ute, it's a dance number," we've got a ton of cute songs (cont.)

[Profile] Hagiwara Mai
7th Feb 1996, from Saitama prefecture
Height: 160 cm
Blood type: AB
Hobby: Playing with my pet dog Chocola
Special skillCurrently looking for one
As the youngest among the members, and also the youngest at home, I'm always the younger sister wherever I am. I love trying on all sorts of clothing styles. My mother said, why don't you start uploading your clothes for the day on your blog, but it ended up being a daily routine and I've lost sight of when I'll stop.

 This is ℃-ute
(cont.) But this time it's the top, there's a lot of lines talking about every day things, isn't it interesting?
Hagiwara: That right! Before, we were children, we couldn't grasp the situation or comprehend them. but having grown up and watched dramas, it was fun and easy to imagine, particularly for 'Bagel ni Ham & Cheese'!
Yajima: That's right~. For love songs too, not just love, but also seeing the view of life, there are lyrics that make you think as well
Suzuki: If someone without a lover were to listen, it's an album that paints the life of a girl enjoying herself. Also, in the music video included as bonus footage in the album, you can see the plain faces of all of ℃-ute~
Everyone: We beg for your kindness!

[Profile] Hagiwara Mai
21st June 1994, from Saitama prefecture
Height: 151.7 cm
Blood type: A
Hobby: Karaoke, Bowling, Games of chance
Special skill: Exercise
My special skill is eating a lot. Be it eating salty things or sweet things,  if you reset the taste I'll be able to eat a lot. I love karaoke. I like singing songs from the 80s, singing nothing but things like BOØWY.

[Profile] Suzuki Airi
12th Apr 1994, from Chiba prefecture
Height: 161 cm
Blood type: B
Hobby: Drawing, making things
Special skillKeeping the contents of my bag organised, puns
It's tough keeping up with credits now that I've entered university life, currently I'm having fun taking classes related to my graduation thesis and learning an extensive amount of things. Since my classmates have gotten into accessories, I've also become interested in things like earrings and doing my nails.

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