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MM'14's junior high graduates: Thoughts on graduation, and their memorable items

From April's BOMB Magazine

Sayashi Riho

Actually, when I entered junior high, I thought that an enjoyable student life was waiting for me (laughs). I think it ended up becoming a work-centred lifestyle... But, when I'm at my wit's end with work, I'm given encouragement through soothing letters from my friends at school, so I'm grateful. Now, I think I'm currently in a state where I don't want to part with my friends. In these three years in junior high, something that holds a lot of memories for me was getting to release a solo photo book every year. They've become like albums of my high school life, and it's interesting getting to understand how my appearance and facial expressions have changed (laughs). My favourite subject is Japanese. It's easy for me to score even though I don't really study, since I also like kanji from the outset. On the other hand, the one I'm no good with is English, I can't really get the grammar... I think it would be cool if Morning Musume '14 could talk in English, but the possibility of myself having to shoulder that role is pretty unlikely (laughs). Becoming a high school student, I want even more to finish off getting to sixth-dan in calligraphy. I'll re-learn it from the beginning, and I'd like to get a licence and wield it myself!

Memorable goods from your junior high life
Civics Notebook
☆ The self-decorated civics notebook I use. Since I like taking down notes, I'm particular about my notebook's design! By the way, note the drawing on the left side of the front cover that has become blurry, it's from my drool dripping on it when I slept on the notebook (laughs).

Suzuki Kanon

The study camp in my 1st year、the field trip to Nara, Kyoto in my 3rd year、 I'm glad that I was able to participate completely in the both of them。It might not be anything beyond the norm、 but we chatted until late at night、 and if the sensei came around we'd pull the futons over ourselves and pretend to be asleep(lol)。 As I went up in school years、 the number of my friends who said they liked Morning Musume。 increased!  Their furi-copy was perfect as well。 My favourite subjects were social studies and cleaning (lol)。 Though I don't like cleaning at home because I have to use a vacuum cleaner、 it feels good when everyone puts together their strength to move the desks、 and uses brooms to sweep the trash up into one spot! It gives you a sense of accomplishment。 Mathematics was my weak spot、 and often in class I'd just spaーce out and gaze outside through the window、 and the sensei would get mad (lol)。 I'd like to get a qualification once I get into high school。 Though I still haven't decided what it should be in、 it's for the sake of my life in the future (lol)、 and I'd like to challenge myself to all sorts of things。 Speaking of graduation songs、 it's got to be 「Never Forget」! Although I have yet to sing it at a live performance、it's a song that I associate with、 Morning Musume。's graduation performances。

Memorable goods from your junior high life
☆ This strap、 it's also owned by my close friends。 It's something that we all bought the first time we went to Disney Sea、 and normally we'll have it strapped to the bag that we go to school with、 and the 3 of us attend school with it attached。

Oda Sakura

Junior high school、 I loved it。 I particularly liked the 3rd years from when I was in 1st year、 since my brother was in the 3rd year、 I was always told that "Oda's little sister is cute"。 Me、 I was on the committee for enforcement of school regulations from junior 1、 so I ended up warning the senpai。 I'm sure that it was troublesome for the friends around me (lol)。  An event that left a deep impression was、 though there were many questions at the 3rd year chorus festival、 everyone put their strengths together and we managed to receive the merit award! My favourite subject、 home economics。 I joined the home economics club、 and since we would cook or make handicrafts 2 times a week 、in classes my friends would often ask me how to use the sewing machine or a how to use a knife。 I'm no good with English。 The reason might be because the teachers kept on changing due to various circumstances。 Starting from spring、 I'm thinking of properly studying music from now。 I'd like to be able to play the guitar、 and I'd also like to study Western music and be able to sing it。 The graduation song I recommend、 would be Matsuura Aya-san's 「Egao ni Namida」。 A lot of the lyrics let you empathise with the theme of graduation in the song。

Memorable goods from your junior high life
Pouch, hand cream
☆ It's a pouch exclusively for my coloured pens。 I obviously use them when I'm writing letters to friends from school、 and I use them for work as well! The hand cream has a lavender aroma。 As lavender is my image colour、it pleases me and I use it at school。

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