Monday, 17 March 2014

H!P Blog Relay #17

{We cha-cha-ciao away from dance machine Ishida Ayumi to see what the baby of the Berryz has to say}

Sugaya Risako - 17th March

The relay blog, started on the 3rd of March by Morning Musume. '14's leader, Michishige Sayumi.

Finally it's made its way to me through Morning Musume. '14's Ishida-chan!!

That Ishida-chan thinks of me that way, I think that being seen in such an unexpected light makes me feel a bit self-concious.

Well then, the theme of the relay blog is "Something that moved me recently!"...

That would be celebrating our 10th anniversary on the 3rd of March!

I felt once again, that there really really are a lot of people who have been supporting us, so it was a day where we were grateful to a lot of people

From now on too, all 7 of Berryz Kobo will put our strengths together and do our best!

We beg for your kind support  ( ˃﹏˂ഃ )

For the next relay blog after me, it'll be Morning Musume. '14's Fukumura-chan ♪

At the New Year's Hello, I got to sing together with Fuku-chan, Fuku-chan's sexiness did me in (laughs)

I'm looking forward to the summer Hello! Live ♡

Well then Fuku-chan, what is something that has moved you recently??

[For an alternative translation, see this post on blog!project]

{I believe that the performance Rii-chan is talking about was their performance of 'Nikutai ha Shoujiki na Eros', together with KanaTomo, where Fuku-chan did indeed prove to be a knock-out.
As of writing, Fuku-chan still hasn't made a blog post for the day yet, so will she squeeze this in? We'll see.
Atta girl, she responded about 2 hours after Rii-chan. Anyway, we'll see what Fukumura Mizuki, labelled in a recent newspaper article as 'the subleader who looks good after a bath', has to say.}

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