Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Favourite Box: Airi & Karin

From HMV Monthly Magazine
Image courtesy of Amped at JPlop.

Being told
The favourites (music or movies or books) of
The Hello! Project members who continue to shine
At the core of the idol scene!

The MUSIC・MOVIE・Book I'd like to put in my favourites box is this ♥

Suzuki Airi-san's favourite
CD: 'Kimochi ha Tsutawaru' by BoA

The song of destiny sung at the audition

When I was in my 1st year of primary school, my wish to Santa-san for Christmas was, "I want Mini Moni.'s CD."
And I was surprised when I woke up in the morning!
Next to my bed were 11 CDs.
Among them was BoA-san's CD.
I really fell in love with her voice, the melody; I immediately went out and bought her other songs. And that is how I got to know 'Kimochi ha Tsutawaru'.

I was in the midst of the Hello! Project Kids Audtion at the time, and since I was thinking about what song I should sing, I tried challenging myself to perform that song.
There were English lyrics, and it was really difficult, but I had audio recordings of me singing it on cassette and MD, I practised it a lot. And, splendidly, I passed the audition!!

If I hadn't come upon this song, I might not have been to stand on the stage as I do now......, it's that important a song to me. I think that I'm really grateful to Santa-san from that time ♥

Miyamoto Karin-san's favourite
Book: Takarazuka Shiki「Busu no 25 Kashou」ni Manabu「Bijin」Yousei Kouza { Rough trans:「Beautiful person」training programme by studying the Takarazuka Formula 「25 Uglinesses」} by Takashiro Kei / Kodansha +α Book Collection

The one book I read when I have no confidence in myself

Since I love the performances of the Takarazuka Revue, I thought it was fascinating that all of them have this lovely aura.
While I was looking up various things about them, I came upon this book.

It seems that students at at the Takarazuka Music School are taught the 「25 Uglinesses」, and this book introduces you to their contents.
'Not saying food is delicious'
'Taking offence at the merest thing'
Since it writes about the conditions to be ugly, I was really shocked by the fact that those conditions were relatively on the mark for myself.......
But, since I felt that if I fixed those, I'd become much more of a beautiful person, every day, I thought that, "Wouldn't it be pleasant for myself and those around me?" and I felt like I had to study human beings in-depth.
At times when I have no confidence, I read this book, and reconfirm with myself, "Won't this make me ugly?"!

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